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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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Zafira Life 04, temp gauge reading 80 and low heat to foot

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Zafira Life 04, temp gauge reading 80 and low heat to foot area, when on window or side pods ok,normally reads 90ish.
Could this be down to cold weather?


Hopefully i can help..

Does the gauge ever fluctuate alot between 80-90 on the guage or gone any higher?

I asume there is still low heat from the foot area even after using the car a while?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry No, the gauge is stationary, and Yes, the heat stays low constantly how ever far i drive,

I have only noticed this in the last week or so.

Hi..there thanks for your reply..

Ok..Normally 80-90 on the guage id say is perfectly normal on these - so i cant see the issue being anything related thermostat wise from what you describe considering you do get ample heat via the directional vents out on the dash and up over the windscreen - i wouldnt say the cold weather would have an impact on the heat direction in the car..Its possible that the heater box flap that directs heat out into the footwells could be stuck closed partically and thus only emiting a certain amount of heat in to the foot well as appossed to what you get out the vents.. I note your car is an 04 its possible it could be still cable operated or even more than likely now that all these vauxhall heater box assembly goes - heater flap motors..they arent too uncommon for causing problems like that in that the motor itself causing the fault or the plastic rods that the motor actuate to move the flap within the heater box assembly breaks off..the only way to check those out is to get the glove box out and the interior trim to get access to the side of the heater box to check the operation of them..thats about the only way forward as far as checks go....I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Looks like your diagnoses is correct,when i turn the knob it's goes loose on foot well, thanks, ***** ***** it something that i can fix or is it a garage job?


You really need to get access to it by removing the surrounding trim,to see "exactly" whats going on,and observe whilst you select the foot well direction via the panel and see what happens,then you have better idea what you need to replace..if you can the flap motor is only held with small torx screws one or two if i recall,quite easy to replace,,if its the small lever. "sort of red in colour" the motor actuates then you should be able to replace that in situ or just try and pop it back on.Maybe have look on ebay or even a trip to breakers you might find the spares there to replace on vauxhall wont be cheap...then if you have the tools/know how i dont see why not - failing that it should be fairly straight forward job for any reputable garage.provided you have the replacement part for them to fit...but having said that it not really all the uncommon for these to do that even other Vauxhalls models too...

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