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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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corsa design,engine will turn over but nothing happens when

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corsa design,engine will turn over but nothing happens when pedal put down.garage replaced foot pedal,nothing changed.they want to replace throttle body next,if that doesn't work,they want to replace ecu,horrendous amount of problems until they bypassed ecu few weeks I being taken for a mug or do they not know their business?

Hi...there... Apologies for the delay...Do you still require help with this? If so..

Are you saying the engine starts ok but there is not throttle responce?

Is there warning lights on at the moment since this problem surfaced and after work carried out?

What do you bypassed..what did they do exactly and the reason for that?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi Robert,car starts ok,can drive short way,then just just waiting for recovery sheets from AA to see what they found and what they advised,the garage have the originals.1st breakdown brought up throttle pedal which they replaced but to no effect,as far as I know,the second breakdown did not bring up any relevant codes according to garage that is why they want to try the "next"steps.don't know if there are any lights on as the car is still at the garage,they say they have had the car running so am presuming there are no warning lights on.the ecu bypass took place when my son took it in so am unsure as to why it was done,but feel sure it should not have been.i only found out yesterday that it had been trying to contact my son for the details so will come back to you with that asap.the 2nd breakdown was same as 1st,no throttle response.

Hi..there..thats fine..

Yeah the bypass issue could well be the troubles - its hard to be certain without actually knowing the full story behind why that was done..normally you shouldnt have to bypass ecu's especially unadvised nowadays - if you are then your masking another or a problem or the faults generally still there its only the ecu wont pick up on it.and if what ever has been bypassed is critial to ensuring the engine runs or provided info to the ecu to operate such things as,calculate throttle position..then its not surprising that throttle problem has surffaced.. The fact that it initially starts and i asume drives normally and then comes to stop means that something is open circuit or gets hot and breaks a circuit..until it cools down again.could well be the dont mention what engine you have but if its a 1.3CDTI then that very common for the ecu to go faulty and bring throttle fail reponse codes up... As far as the ECU goes..they can be tested for does however require sending off for to be tested or repaired you can enquire here for that

................If you have anything further then please continue before you rate

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

all I can tell you about the engine is its a 2005 corsa design variant bc11,version son says the bypass was done because the engine would not turn over.can the bypass be undone??


From those numbers it looks like you have petrol 1.4? - bypass to get engine started?..sounds like an immobiliser issue to me,fairly common problem usually down to either keys or the immob unit itself..but having said that the intial problem has just been overlooked..without knowing the exact or at least the fault codes retrived its pretty much a guessing game - if its an ECU fault..then it can be tested or at least in the hope it can be repaired,as per the link i just gave you..only once the testing has been carried out will you know that..once repaired - if it can - then normally its plug and play and thats it because its the original ecu,coded to the car already - and not a brand new ecu that needs programmed in...have they tried an addtitinal earth to the ecu..sometimes doing that has been known to solve certain issues..something to maybe try..other then that - i feel from here rather then just throw parts at it especially when it comes to throttle bodies and new ecus' is to find someone locally who has an proper diagnostic test on tech2/3 machine specific for Vauxhalls needs to be carried out by someone or garage that knows how to use it..only then will you get the bottom of this problem...

Robert and other Vauxhall Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you for your help so far,if I cant move forward with this,i will come back to you with more info and codes

Hi..there... thats fine..but i really do think from what your saying it does need to go on a dealer Tech 2/3 or equivilent diagnostic machine to get further into the fault...But in the mean time if you could rate the answer above that would appreciated..remember you can rate but it doesnt lock the question you can still come back to it anytime..Regards Robert