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I collected my car from an insurance approved bodywork repair

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I collected my car from an insurance approved bodywork repair shop on Saturday morning. Since then I've not really driven it, just to potter around town in.
However on driving to work this morning (dual carriage ways and A1) the bonnet flew open causing the windscreen to smash and damage to the bonnet and hinges.
I haven't been in the bonnet. I've not opened the bonnet, I've had no reason to. So as far as I can see the last people to go into the bonnet, or at least have it open were the bodywork shop. Do I have a leg to stand on?


What sort of body work repairs were done on the car?

At pick up did you check the the car over/ inc the repair work carried out,did they show you the repairs done etc?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The repair work was front end damage. I have an itemised list of replacement parts they ordered if that's of use to you? The parts that come to mind are, new bumper, headlights, fog lights, air con radiator and grill.

I checked the car over referencing the diagram done on drop off (scratches, dents, damage etc) but that really is all I was looking for. I've spoken to the garage this morning about this, their head mechanic thinks that the secondary catch is to blame due to poor maintenance. My stance is that somebody left the bonnet on the latch (not me I've had no reason to go under the bonnet.)

I tried, at the garages request to pull the bonnet open with brute strength. It didn't budge, therefore in my opinion the primary release for the bonnet is working fine, making a fault with the secondary safety release latch irrelevant, as its clear somebody left the bonnet on the latch!

Hi..there..thanks for that info..

Yes..the secondary catch should actually hold the bonnet in place even when the main release has released the bonnet.. have they checked for damage to slam panel/catch mechanisim itself..i note your saying most of the work was done as per the front end so worth checking that out or have it checked out at least.. If the bonnet was on the secondary catch then it would visable as the increased gap lines around the bonnet edges as opposed to the wings.front top end of the grille would be may have been over looked but somebody should of ensured everything was locked down/checked etc..even on delivery to be honest... It doesnt generally require much maintenance at all bar the main release mechanisim itself needs regular lubrication for it to operate and release the does sound very much like the bonnet had been left open/on the latch the forward motion and wind has lifted the bonnet.seen once or twice myself on cars and it always down to either faulty catch/or the bonnet had indeed been left on the latch..both of which can account for the issue you had..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm currently having issues assigning blame to this, which also means there's issues deciding who's going to pay. Given everything you've read do you believe this to be a fault of the garage or a fault on my part?


Its difficult because in my honest opinion - Id say both - for the simple reason that the garage should of ensured the bonnet was closed and or made a final inspection before signing off / plus initial inspection on delivery before handed over all of which should off been checked - on the other hand the driver can also be responsable too considering its always best practice to go round any vehicle before use to ensure nothings been hit/damaged as far a lighting/tyres goes and also gives the oppertunity to ensure other doors/boot bonnet are shut - "depending" what model of vauxhall you have - if the bonnet was in the open position then it may of been noticable due to the bonnet not looking flush with the rest of the body work at the front either outside and over the bonnet drivers view - the bonnet bouncing slightly at the front due to it being on the secondary catch might also of been noticable...on some newer vauxhalls they have microswitch as part of the catch mechanisim to tell you the bonnets open..if yours is of an older model then its unlikely to have that......

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