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Mariva with EPS light comming on.

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Mariva with EPS light comming on. Stop turn engine off light goes off. Set off and light comes back on. Now and again the sterring goes heavy. Been into Vauaxhall and not fault codes recorded so they will not doing anything about it. Vauxhall state if no fault codes they will not accept that it is the known issue. I would appreciate your thoughts.


Yes they do actually need to be certain of the fault in regards ***** ***** codes before making any repair as and when the fault does occur then normally it will store the relevent fault codes..the most common fault code that can match that type of fault is C1500 - however everytime you do switch off and turn back on actually resets/wipes the fault memory until of course the problem crops back up its not generally surprising to see them not being able to source codes if nothings logged,unless they are stored as pending faults...the fault bascially has to happen there and then.or as and when the fault occurs which i know would be difficult unless the car was left with them for a time...But the most common fault with EPS and the fault you describe can be down to the torque angle/position sensor which is part of the steering column being electronic steering assist on that vehicle..the options open really are to replace the column or have the exisiting column repaired..obviously has to be removed and sent away of course..either way those are the options open really..after which it will need to be re-calibrated - there are alot of places can help or sell recon units you may want to look at...but they have to be certain of the fault codes that the unit is flagging up..depending on the year id imagine any good well equiped garage with the right diagnostic equipment would be able to carry out this kind of repair albeit that little cheaper than the maybe something to bear in mind

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have spoken with Vauxhall customer service and they indicate this component is covered for twelve years. Left it with the dealership for three days and they say they have stripped out the column and done the various continuity tests Vauxhall Technical instructed and found no fault. Built it up and no EPS light showing. We collected the car and got 100 yards down the road and the light has come on and did so 14 times by turning off and on ignition within 5 miles. I rang them up and they say we would have to pay for further diagnostics and would strip the column again which my argument is youve done that once so why have to pay for the same process. I spoke again with Vauxhall customer service and they say the usuall nice things but as there is no fault code they wont do anything.


Well you never made aware it was actually with the dealer that long and in regards ***** ***** work already done..but i still do stand on the diagnoses this is down to the torque sensor throwing up fault code C1500 invalid torque sensor signal,it certainly matches your description of events..have you mentioned in regards ***** ***** fault code to them? if not then seek the technical manager within the dealership and explain the situation with them / im particular surprised to read that givin the car was driven less than an 100yards of the forecourt still produced the same fault in quick succession..i be more inclinded to ask why the car wasnt test driven prior to release of the vehicle to ensure the fault was rectified..which means the fault hasnt been diagnosed efficently or to standard giving the nature of the fault could comprimise safety,so im not sure why you should pay for second diagnoses.if it wasnt done correctly the first time,you should stand your ground on that one...normally what can be done is to diagnose the live data from the eps column or test drive whilst its still hooked up..that way the technician will be able to see what sensor and if the torque sensor is fault they will notice the values on the live data stream confirm the fault.or as and when the fault occurs they will note the fault code thats logged..

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