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I have a mariva and the power stearing intermitantly

Customer Question

I have a mariva and the power stearing intermitantly fails. Could you tell me where I can locate the reservoire for the hydrolic fluid so I can check if it needs topping up.
Kind regards
Reg: DN08 DZL
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Vauxhall
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


The Meriva doesnt use a hydraulic fluid steering system - They have whats termed as a electronic/motor assisted column - so your steering column will have an electric motor,angle sensors and this is what gives the power assistance to the steering... As you may of gathered already i asume - the Meriva are somewhat common for column failure and normally its down the torque angle sensor,unless the motor is at fault causing the intermittent loss of power steering.. this fix is normally full replacement or removed and sent of for repair and re calibration of the steering column...

.sometimes with these faults various checks need to be done in regards ***** ***** charging system on the car aswell a diagnose the steering column via diagnostic machine to see if its stored codes or not - the most common fault codes we see with type of fault is C1500 - But there are places below that can recon these unit or exchange..It would also be worth contacting the dealer as faults on these columns, as common as they are for going faulty are as far as i recall covered for twelve years by well worth looking into that...I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for the information. It was very helpful. No wonder I couldn't find it.

Kind regards


Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.

Hi... David... Thats no problem glad to help.... least you know what steps you need to take next..

Ps...Please dont forget to rate my answer as above most appreciated..and should you need to ask anything further or advice even then just ask anytime..Regards Robert