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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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I have a tapping noise coming from my 2007 zafira 1.8 16v

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Hi I have a tapping noise coming from my 2007 zafira 1.8 16v when the engine is warm. When it is cold it purrs lovely with no tapping


Where in general does the noise seem to emit from?

Any warning lights come up since or prior to the issue?

Any performance issues when this fault occurs?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It seems to be coming from left side of engine and no warning lights and performance doesn't seem much different

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..

Ok..there maybe a few things causing this..1.8 16v use a vvt if as you refer to it being from the left handside as looking into the engine bay on the timing side of the engine..then that certainly going to be the area that needs to be inspected - especially so pin pointing as refering to the vvt hub/valve solinoid itself as that primarily sends oil to the vvt hub driven off the cambelt..if the solinod is faulty/blocked as they have a sort of screen to prevent grit getting into the vvt hub then it may cause that intial fault unless the vvt hub itself is as inspection bases they would need to check for that - also oil condition aswell as the oil filter.would be one of the key areas to have changed ideally in any first step..if the oil or filter hasnt been changed for sometime then id say that would be best thing to try first - if the problem still occurs? then the vvt system would be the next area on the engine to have checked out..if the vvt hubs are a fault then this normally means the enitre timing belt/ as akit needing replaced.the solinoid can be replaced seperate if found to be faulty...

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The oil got changed about a week ago when it was serviced. The car has done 70000 miles so it would probably pay to get timing belt done anyway. Just one more question why would it only be noisy when warm as most problems with oil normally happens when cold.


If the belt hasnt been done as of yet and at that mileage certainly makes sense to have it done now..but its not the belt thats the concern its the vvt hub phasers on the camshafts that possibly the cause for the noise..but not hearing for myself it pretty hard to say but if its from the timing cover the noise seems to be coming from certainly points the vvt system problem id say or the control solinods at fault or blockage of sorts..and wouldnt generally matter if the oil cold or you know oil is much thicker when its cold its only once it gets heated up its does thin out...but as you just mentioned if the oil was done less than a week ago..are you certain the oil is at the correct level? used the correct grade has the oil filter been done and fitted to get it checked out all the same if this noise has just started after this oil change..

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
If the fault is the vvt system how much is it to replace?


Depends on the source you aquire parts from..but for the entire timing belt/vvt hubs you maybe in the region of £400 for parts alone plus the labor ontop.normally id say £700-£800 for the complete job but depends on the garage hourly rates/as i mentioned above where they source the parts from..but like i say best to get it confirmed first..maybe get the top plastic timing cover off to expose the both top cam gears run the engine to listen to confirm either way..