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Mike, if there were a water pump faulty or not working -

Customer Question

Hi mike, if there were a water pump faulty or not working - could it show on the dash as a low water level code (code 3)?? It were showing code 3 on my dash of the Insignia, I tried filling with water but it was always full - and the code 3 never went off my dash. Took it for service and the code 3 fault didn't appear anymore. 2 week later, the water pump seized and snapped the cambelt - resulting in a total right off!! The same mechanic who did the service, wrote off the car, now his son is driving round in it.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Vauxhall
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


Hopefully i can help..

Was the car actually loosing coolant at all when you where checking/refilling?

What engine exactly/fuel type does the car have?

When the pump siezed/cambelt...was this during driving or when it was in service?

Did they show you the broken pump/belt or the fault as it was on the car by the mechanic before it was so called written off? and why did the mechanic write it off and not you?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your reply
The car weren't to my knowledge losing coolant. The car was a 2.0 cdti and the cambelt broke during driving. I saw the engine in bits and saw all the piston and valves mangled. The service was 2 week prior to the damage. The mechanic said it weren't worth fixing so he bought off us for £500 plus his labour costs, me thinking it was getting sold as spares. My concern is the fault code 30 (low coolant level) was showing on the dash. Wondered if this could be connected to the water pump failing???
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.


I see ok.. yes the 2.0cdti is unknown for water pump problems..but it normally shouldnt cause code 3 to flag up on the message you know code 3 is due to level as far as the coolant reservior is concerned..there is small sensor on the tank/base that monitors the level..if the engines loosing coolant then this can cause the code 3 to flag it possible the sensor "could" of been acting up at that time,but leaks would of been part of that check.. but as far as the water pump goes..being mechanical/timing belt driven pump..when faulty they can leak coolant "hence why i ask about leaks surrounding why you had to refill" or they produce a sort of pre failure noise of a cylical scrapping noise from behind the timing cover or around the engine mount area on that side of the engine which is very common to hear when the pumps on the way out..of course to effecting engine temp can also be contributery factor..