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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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My horn is not working when man tried to fix it it didn't work

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my horn is not working when man tried to fix it it didn't work he must have cut a wire because he went to get wire but would that have an effect on acceleration peddle because that wont rev now


What model / year of vauxhall do you have?

Was he working under the dash on the drivers at all?

Does the horn work now?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

meriva 2007 1.4

not working under the dash just outside on horn

no horn doesn't work after he added wire too it

Hi..there..thanks for your reply..

Ok.. well the throttle pedal doesnt have or any connection with the horn system - so strange why this has occurred.thats why asked whether he traced wiring under the dash on drivers side from/to the steering wheel and maybe disconnected the throttle pedal plug or cut the wrong wire maybe during his checks.normally with the horn checking fuses would be the best place to start,you may want to check that yourself using your owners guide in regards ***** ***** list - further testing would see if the horns recieving a signal via its plug when the horn is depressed in the car..if it does then the horn itself is likely the body of the horn acts as an earth to the car..if it doesnt then you need to trace back towards the horn switch via the steering quite involved... as far as the throttle pedal goes..check the plug connection first on the throttle pedal itself..and see if that works - if not and the faults codes suggest a faulty pedal then im afraid it will need replaced to rectify that fault..but as far as the horn suggest seeking a better mechanic/auto electrician to trace which ends at fault....

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