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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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My front wipers are not working correctly. The intermittent

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My front wipers are not working correctly. The intermittent slow and medium speeds work ok-but the fast speed does not work. I presume it's a problem with the motor or speed control unit.
I have replaced the stalk arm control already that was not the problem.
Many thanks


What Vauxhall model and year do you have?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Vauxhall vectra 2006 life


Id say the best course of action first at least before you fit any other aprts is to get it diagnosed on or access to tech2 /opcom diagnostic to determine whether the faults with the CIM module - that modules actually behind the steering wheel and what your indicator/wiper arms slot,plug replace those is quite can be quite common for faults on these units to cause problems with wipers speed faults id say that would be the best way forward just incase rather then just fit another motor on it - if it turns out the CIM is ok and no other faults present within the BCM that controls all these functions too..then you could opt to get another wiper motor installed as likely maybe one of the contacts within the motor housing has failed only way to know that is to open it up and check..but to replace those you need to ensure that the replacement motor is in park position,by simply plugging it in and the cycle through the speeds in the car and then to park positon before mounting it to the linkage assembly..i do hope this helps

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