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Frontera 2003 going into limp mode egr valve done injectors

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frontera 2003 going into limp mode egr valve done injectors done any ideas code says to do with vacum


What engine?

What exact fault codes are being logged?

Why was the injectors replaced if the codes are vacuum system related?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

because they were also on fault codes had few faults codes and this is last one 2.2 olympus dti


If you have vaccum fault codes then you need to check the vacuum lines first around the engine..on the side of the 2.2dti cylinder head you have vacuum pump - underneath you have the small vaccum line which sends vacuum to the control solnoids they then under command from the ecu sends vacuum to control the egr valve which is vacuum controlled / swirl flaps "check the small lever arm is still intact" / and the turbo waste gate valve - check its is able to move freely at the turbo - first thing to do is basically inspect all the vacuum lines especially if its still got the small rubber black ends of the solid vac lines /any small tears in them will cause a vacuum system fault which is very common on all 2.0 and 2.2dti engines - if they seem to be ok and minus any tears..then you need to check the plastic t sections for cracks - then with the use of Mityvac check each component as above and see if any of them are loosing vacuum build up the the proper vacuum level -70kpa or just over and check each holds for about 15minutes..if not then that component is faulty - you should also get -70kpa from the vac pump itself with the engine running..check there is no engine oil in the lines too..if there is alot of oil in them then the vacuum pump is likely faulty..But like i say above 99% of the time with vacuum codes its usually a vacuum lines or these rubber ends that the check those first..

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