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Ive a Vauxhall Vectra 3l V6 57 plate. Ive got a diagnostic

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Ive a Vauxhall Vectra 3l V6 57 plate. Ive got a diagnostic problem P0380 which seems to suggest a glow plug problem.
I know it was this diagnostic as i took it to my local garage and the light on dashboard went off but asked him still to check it on the computer diagnostic and the code above came up. By the time i got home the light (car with spanner through it) came back on. Can i ask if the fix will be a big cost and should i see to it straight away? Car is running fine when the light is on if this helps?

Hi..there.. apologies for the delay...

Yes the fault codes you quote is in regards ***** ***** glow plugs circuit it possible that one of the plugs has become defective so your garage will need to carry out testing on each plug to see which ones at fault/open circuit..being the 3.0cdti engine then it will have 6 glowplugs - 3 plugs for the front bank and 3 for the rear bank and the plugs sit in the cylinder head just above the where the intake manifold bolts to the head - they arent to bad to get too/but you will need to remove items off the top of the engine.intake manifold to get a one or two of then at the rear bank..costing the plugs themselves normally come in at a round £20-£25 each

so you maybe looking at £130 for a set..depending which brand you go for Bosch is usually the best option but a little more expensive...fitting wise..hard to say as all garage tend to charge differant rates per hour but id say about 2-3 hours..because you need to be careful removing these to prevent them snapping in the head..thats why it vital before removal the engine is fully heated and the area around the glowplugs are fully soaked with wd-40 and the plugs slowly undone from the head...but as far geting them done straight say it wouldnt be too much of a concern at the moment so long as the engine runs ok and isnt going into limp mode..the glowplugs normally only ever get used depending on the outside temperature..well below freezing is usually when they get used the most for starting..during warmer'll rearly ever use them for starting..if at all..I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Very thorough answer thank you so much