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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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I own an astra 1.6 exclusive with registtation the

moment I am having problems... Show More
moment I am having problems .when changing gear the gear lever locks solid and will not move.i have to switch off and then restart about 10 minutes later and everything is ok again.
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Is the gearstick still locked when the engine is off?

Does this do this in all/any gears or just a certain gear it sticks in?

Does pumping the clutch help get it out of gear into neutral?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.

gear stick still locked when engine is off,problem occurs mainly when changing from 1st to second gear and vice versa.not tried pumping clutch.hope this helps.


To me if its only on one side of the gate 1 - 2 then it possible the problem may lay with the gear selector cables..Astra J series isnt uncommon for having gear selector cables issues and requires renewal of the both to rectify issues such a stiffness/or locking - but they should ensure the linkage assembly at the gearbox in which the cables attach and control is properly lubircated..might be something to try prior to above..and just sray the entire control assembly with silicone spray lubricant and see if that helps...i mention pumping clutch to be sure this isnt actually a hydraulic clutch control fault not clearing the clutch properly when the engines running..but as you have mentioned this happens with the engine off rules that out id say..but as above those are usually the first steps in checks in regards ***** ***** like that..normally it best to have the fault present..then disconnect the both cables from the box and then see if that fault still occurs that way it proves either way if the selectors cables are at fault or a problem in the gearbox..