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My fan is continuously running noisy constantly even when

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hi my fan is continuously running noisy constantly even when i first start up.the engine light comes on and then intermittently goes off along with the noisy car is an insignia exclusive 10 plate and just done over 25000.

Did the service inc anything regarding the coolant system/coolant replacement?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

according to garage they did a full service 4th year so i assume they did although i was not very confident with the garage


It should be listed on their service sheet they provide with receipt in regards ***** ***** work they've done..all but most good garages do that to let the customer know what they've done and what fluids they have replaced...if they have replaced the coolant then they need to be sure the system has fully selfbled properly - but i would imagine by now it would have..have you just checked the coolant level anyway just to be sure..The other more common issue that can happen with the fans running on like it does it due to a fault ect sensor normally found as part of the thermostat housing or In some cases the cooling fan runs permanently. P0597 is stored in the engine control module - This is caused by poor contact of the heating element of the thermostat.and requires replacement the thermostat housing - so a ecu scan as per reason for the engine warning light maybe worth getting done and see what codes its stored... As far as your code 74 then as you maybe already be aware its do with the Adaptive Forward Lighting"headlamps" unfortunetly this cant be diy checked and needs diagnostic scanning preferbaly someone with tech2/opcom to check that system out in regards ***** ***** a fault with the AFL controlled by module,could be faulty, or a problem with one of the lights or even the sensors on the suspension...
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