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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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Y reg zafira cuts out with no warning, has done it twice now, its my wife's car, just

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Y reg zafira cuts out with no warning, has done it twice now, its my wife's car, just after she has phoned the RAC(about 15 mins) it starts again, Our Mechanic apparently had his diagnostic machine on it and could find nothing you have any Ideas??

What engine does it have?

Does the eml/car,spanner light come on when this ocurrs?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

it's a 1.8 auto, all the lights come on when this happens


Sometimes they can store history codes/in regards ***** ***** fault..but often with these at each ignition cycle it clears the fault memory hence the majority of the time when its plugged in you dont see anything wrong..until of course the fault crops up again...I would imagine your mechanic has done basic checks around the engine wise for anything loose or shows signs of corrosion at the main connectors/engine management connectors to engine - if so what normally has to be done with such faults is the car driven whislt plugged into the scanner/recorded data and see or hopefully the fault occurrs whilst on test drive.that could be something for your mechanic to try..if it doesnt produce any fault then as you'll know it will make diagnoses a little harder to figure..out..what id say that could match your description of event with thecar cutting possibily the crank or cam sensor dropping out as primarily that what the ecu uses to fire the spark/coil,injectors at the right time accroding the position the engine's in timing wise..its usually the most common fault with alot of vauxhalls around that year and so on cutting out with the no warning as such rather the spluttering to a stop..but as above sadly that about the only things that comes to mind..maybe get it test driven whilst on scanner and see if that shows up anything..depending how good your mechanics machine is he can select different sensors to monitor,and their values on test drive and see if the fault crops up..

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