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Awarning light has come on on the rev counter dial showing

Customer Question

Awarning light has come on on the rev counter dial showing a car with what appears to be a spanner coming out of the roof. Could you please expain. 2005 Zafira
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Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Vauxhall
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.

There are two sorts of eml "engine management light" warnings on Vauxhalls the one with "car/ with horizontal spanner" through the centre is an engine electronics fault or your immobiliser has developed a problem - the engine block warning light is usually mostly an emissions fault -
If at anytime point the warning light does appear when the engines is running - then it will mean your cars ECU has actually picked up on the fault - the light in question can pretty much cover quite a wide area of possible faults from - intake/throttle system fault / exhaust gas recycling system being the most common / ignition system to emissions control monitoring etc etc - and in all cases such as i asume without any noticable issues as far as your aware yet ,performance wise etc - Then the only best way in those circumstances to track the fault down properly is to have your car hooked upto a suitable diagnostic machine/code reader to retrive the fault code(s) and or at least locate exactly where the fault is and i'm sure any good garage will be able to do that for you.normally that is first step is checks like this so that would be the best thing for you to get done first - If you can maybe have careful look around the engine bay and check to make sure nothing electrical / plug wise has become loose damaged or any vaccum lines have come adrift etc or if you had any very recent work carried out on the car then it would be worth having the garage in question to re-check nothing has been knocked or not fitted back properly..though if you can't see anything then the next step is the test im afraid and see what your ecu has picked up on and take it from there....I do hope this helps