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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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There,I took my car in full service and cambelt

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Hi there,I took my car in for a full service and cambelt replacement in Dec 2014 (vauxhall zafira 58reg). Less than a month later the oil light came on and there was a grinding sound when the car was in reverse. Took it back to auto centre and they said there were no oil leaks keep an eye on oil level every 1000 miles and the clutch needs to be replaced. Is that the correct advice re oil or should they have investigated why the oil consumption was so high? I don't travel very far with the car...mainly school runs. We replaced the clutch only to find out that the wrong part had been fitted, they also replaced a brake cable which wasn't mounted correctly. We have now been told that we need a reconditioned engine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

What engine does the car have?

In regards ***** ***** oil light - did you or the garage see what level the oil was at or sitting when the oil light was on?

Any blue smoke out the back or missfiring as such?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert, the car was completely empty and no smoke noticeable. Engine identifier code is Z 16 XE1 believe it says Eco on it. Car is currently at another auto centre so unable to check

If it completely empty then the only places it could of gone is either leaked out externally which im sure you would of noticed during parked up - been burnt off which if over a month has burnt pretty much all the oil in there off? then you have serious problem either bad valve seals/piston rings - which i may add would of been noticable by blue smoke/missfiring as such due to oil fouling the plugs/the cylinders,valves,carbonised etc / Maybe double check it hasnt gone into the coolant would be one check to carry out... / the other possible idea maybe the engine wasnt filled with oil at all during the service or forgotten about - hard to prove unless you spotted this at the very beginning and not generally a month later down the line... but yes as long as they topped the oil back up and then advised checking every 1000 miles would be standard advise or even at every fill up of see what sort of rate the oil consumption is..if its using more than the 1litre to that thousand miles then provided there's no external leaks then it pretty much likely getting burnt off either due as i mentioned above bad valve guides/ which case another engine/short block would be more viable then rebuilding the engine you have at cost
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