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My Insignia lost power, main dealer decided e g r valve was

faulty, and leaking coolant through... Show More
faulty, and leaking coolant through the exhaust, and recommended changing egr valve AND the Cat as they said the chemicals in the coolant would cause the cat to brake up within two months, at a total cost of €4200, as I never had to top up coolant I decided there would be no need to change the cat, but let them re place the egr valve at a cost of € 1500. Ten days later lost power again, went to another main dealer and was told the whole system needed to be re programmed, this was done, and the car is perfect since. As all this work was done in July 2014, and the cat is still good, I am now wondering was the egr valve ever faulty? Please help. Thank you.
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Depends on the testing they carried out to determine if the EGR was indeed faulty or not - how ever EGR issues or the cooler section of the EGR valve is well known and extremely prone to issues or leaks.normally the plastic cooler housing cracks and causes coolant can actually get just the cooler housing and seals seperate to fix it..but if the mechaincal side of the EGR was faulty..then that "can" be cleaned or what ever the issue they found at fault with the EGR then replacement may of been the only far coolant into the exhaust..if you havent lost coolant..then obviously that wouldnt be an issue for you and the coolant would likely vaporise due to the extremly high heat these cats work at.....I do hope this helps..If you require to ask anything further then please continue before you rate