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Is it possible to program the immobilizer chip in the

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Is it possible to program the immobilizer chip in the ignition key of my 2000( W reg) Astra? Is possible to bypass the immobilizer ?


If the new keys come with a blank transponder chip then it can be programmed to the car using TECH2 diagnostics or any other high end scanner..the only thing you can programme yourself will be the central locking part like when you come to replace the batteries but not the transponder chip without diagnostics im afraid or the immobiliser wont shut off as it will keep seeing a unknown key - thats what the black reader coil around the front end of the ignition barrel is for to pick up on that transponder chip in the key - You can if the new keys are the same as the old ones..transfer the inside's from the old keys over to the new ones including the transponder chip thats already programmed and recognised by the cars immobiliser located on the corner plastic section on the blade of the key fob -and then try that...the only differance would be the key blade which wont fit door/boot lock but just the ignition itself..Bypassing? pretty difficult as its mostly tied into the main ecu itself and not really recommended to be honest with regards ***** ***** insurance etc....but as above thats about the ways it can be done or tried..I do hope this helps

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