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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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I have a 2004 vauxhall zafira life 1.6 petrol. iv only had

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Hi,i have a 2004 vauxhall zafira life 1.6 petrol. iv only had a few months and its been fine even though iv clocked up 4,000 miles . today however its started chugging , it wont pull or accelerate as normal and engine light has come on , iv been told it could be the coil pack, but i thought that was only in diesel cars can you please give me some advise.
kind regards trudie

No Coil packs are found on the petrol engines - the coil pack on them will be one coil pack that runs all 4 plugs it is what sits over your sparkplugs and fires them - if the coil pack itself developes a fault it can cause severe or certain cylinders to missfire and thus you get lack of power...Certainly the advice id say would be to have it confirmed first diagnostically according to waht fault codes are present seeing as the engine warning light is on..thats means the ecu has detected the fault and thus fault codes will be logged so you need to see what these are before you even consider buying another coil pack for it....If it was a leaking exhaust then normally that wouldnt cause the engine chug as you describe be it the engine will be alot more noisey as a result of the leaking exhaust..although if its before or after exhaust oxygen sensors that monitor the exhaust gases then that can effect fuel/air mixtures and cause runing problems..but as above before going straight in with the coil idea..have it diagnosed first/plugged in before going any further and confirm its a ignition system/multiple cyl missfire fault..I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

is true only vauxhalls have the right diagnostic machines, and that other garages may misread the fault ? hope not cos my local dealer has a two week waiting list for this service, cant be without my car that long.


Well Vauxhall will have manufacturer level diagnostic software they all will,but then you pay a higher price for testing/labour rates for the privilage by going direct to the dealer - But no i dont agree with the fact that other garage's machines would misread the fault...Diagnostic machines or the High end scanners that most reputable garages use nowadays on the market has come along way and can diagnose deeper into faults .some garage's may have the dealer level tool or near enough for example independant specialists in Vauxhall etc..Its all dependant on the technician or user of the diagnostic machine to be honest and the factor too of fitting genuine parts to rectify the fault.... There are website out there you can look up for reputable garage's in your area this link/address for example below...Or you can ask at your local garage you get your Yearly MOT done at and see if they can help..I do hope this helps further