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I have a water(coolant) leak from what appears to be the air

con overflow situated in a... Show More
con overflow situated in a chassis member under the drivers seat the vehicle is a Vauxhall Insignia any ideas
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I assume its just clear water thats leaking out?
Any change in Coolant level that you've noticed just to be sure?
Is this leak coming from a oval shaped hole in the frame..sort of in the area of the drivers or below gearstick area?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
there appears to be a pipe that partially protrudes from a chassis member under the area of the drivers seat, the coolant level drops when the engine reaches normal temperature and it is not the normal flow you would expect from AC
There is an AC drain pipe that comes out in that vacinity to be honest is not blanked off and that black pipe is fairly long from the heater box assembly all the way through the floor of the car and exits out the frame section on that side or inside that oval shaped opening in the frame you see - as there is no other pipe work that releates to the coolant system that would travel under the car that far...Its depends on the AC use alot of these do tend to release alot of the captured condensation and vents it out when when either AC is in use or when the AC is off and the cars idle will you see it pool under the car..and its totally normal to see long as the fluid you see is clear and odourless then thats what it will be...If it looks like coolant reddish/light pink look about it/smells like coolant then the only thing i can think would cause that but not really common to see is the heater would require to get the coolant system pressure tested to highlight that leak...other things to look out for is brake lines/fuel lines leaks but obviously these would be obvious to anyone if that was the cause for your leak..But as far as the coolant falling then yes sometimes they will do long as it at the correct level when "cold" then that should be fine..but as above it certainly sounding like just your AC draining off..