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Can the engine coolant get into the auto transmission oil

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can the engine coolant get into the auto transmission oil
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
can the engine coolant get into the auto transmission fluid and if so how
What vauxhall make - year - engine is your car?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
zafira 06 2.2lt petrol
Yes that can happen due to a faulty main radiator - the cooler outlet and inlet lines/pipes from the transmission actually lead upto the main radiator where your coolant circulates through,so the transmission uses the main radiator for cooling the trans any fail within the radiator itself can cause coolant to seep into the transmission via the cooler lines..sadly its not too uncommon to see that in these autogearbox cars aswell as the astra etc..but the remedy is to change the main radiator and refill with coolant / clear the transmission inlet and outlet lines - drop the transmission fluid out - flush the transmission with new fluid then drop that back out again and refill with new fluid again..and hopefully no long term damage has occurred within the transmission or valve block due to coolant contamination..I do hope this helps
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