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My 07 Zafira 1.9 ctdi is leaking oil very slowly from what

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My 07 Zafira 1.9 ctdi is leaking oil very slowly from what im lead to believe is the vacuum advance retard....its coming from a solid right angle bend at the end of a small bore metal pipe that crosses the cylinder head from left to right , the leak is very slow and does not seem to have pressure behind it ive driven 600 miles since this started and the car seems fine apart from the leak...can I seal this at the point of the leak externally?? what's good to use for this?? , its clearly been a previous issue as there's black instant gasket or something smeared about at the same point. Losing about a tea spoon full a day I think.
any info most appreciated. Gaz
Which 1.9 is it? the 8 Valve or the 16 Valve?
Which side of the engine? im asuming your refering to non belt side...
vacuum advance retard? the exhaust cam driven vacuum pump the oil leaks coming from?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert
Its the 16V and yes the non belt side of the engine. The leaks coming from a brass coloured right angle bend fitted to the actual casing what I think is the advance retard. These pictures are not of my engine but the red and then the green arrows show where the leak actually is on my engine to give you an idea.
Cheers Gary
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
just bought the Haines manual...its the vaccum pump that the pipe and elbow which seems to be leaking oil is connected to... should oil be at this point???
Hi..there sorry for the delay..
Yeah its the vaccum pump..intially its mechanically run off the other end of the exhaust camshaft - and provides vaccum to the control solnoids for such as the turbo wastegate actuator those pipes you see near the front of the engine..but those 2 pictures you posted shows one 8 valve and the other with the green arrow the 16 valve..
From what i recall those two lines that lead up to the back of the engine connect to the vaccum reserve box and one returns back to the turbo wastegate solnoid "circled in blue"...that small brass connector or port on the pump i believe comes as part of the whole pump itself its the vaccum supply port "not the supply port for the brake booster that the larger one",i doubt vauxhall would sell that on its own to be honest.
But you shouldnt have oil leaking out the fitting unless the vaccum pump itself internally is allowing engine oil into the vaccum chamber from the top cylinder head..its not really id say as common issue on 1.9cdti like it was on the old vauxhall DTI engines..But the only way to rectify that is to replace the vaccum pump..its fairly straight foward.a few bolts into the side of the head holding the unit and its key way'd into the end of the exhaust doesnt effect any timing etc..
As for temp repairs? Obviously clear the area up with brake clean and a clotch to get off all the residue..maybe try permatex engine sealant around the joint..let it set and see if that works.or something of similar brand or sealer that seals oil pans/timing cases/gear housings etc..
But id say if its been at before? maybe inspect the housing itself and ensure its not been cracked or damaged...but like i say you shouldnt have engine oil in the vaccum system so maybe remove some of the vaccum lines and check they arent fouled with oil..if so..then i say the best way forward is to replace that pump and obviously replace the rubber vaccum can get aftermarket coloured silicone based long you get the right diameter..etc can be found mostly on ebay etc..I do hope this helps..If you require to ask anything further then please do before you rate
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Cheers ***** ***** appreciate the expert info and help. G
Hi..No probs glad to help! - hope you get it sorted out though..and many thanks for rating much appreciated..cheers Robert