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I went over some debis in he road, ruined the nearside tyres;

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I went over some debis in he road, ruined the nearside tyres; the ABS light has come on, and goes out when I park the car, but comes back on when I reach approx 50MPH. There is a squeakin under the bonnet at dashboard level. Do the wheels need more adjustment? Are the brakes about to fail? Do I need more brake fluid? Am checking for stuff stuck around heel arches etc. Also, the light hat monitors emissions is now flashing o & off when I that a coincidence, or related to ABS prob?
What Model / Year of Vauxhall do you have?
What sort of debris was it?
Any issue with the brakes ie: does the pedal vibrate when braking or steering problems after this happened?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Car; Astra 1.6 reg W53 . Debris;hedge utting bits...some big. Because of traffic conditions, I couldn'tstop immediately by the time I got back to the place, the guy had cleared up and gone. Brakes and teering seem o.k.; BUT the emissions light has started blinking, and there's a squeaking noise;like some revolving but out of kilter,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hullo; did you get my response? The car REG is W53 UXM. There is no apparent problem with steering or braking. The debris was hedge cutting AND something big& cut a chunk out of the alloy wheel! The ABS light is on permanently when I go over 50,only goes out when I turn engine off. The EMISSIONS monitor light blinks when I accelerate. There is a squeaking like something revolving out of kilter. Can't ee anything obviious under bonnet, around wheels. This message service isn't too hot;takes ages.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Year of make; 2004.. I thought the registration showed that. R
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have a meeting to go to; send responses to e mail address; give me a reference no or whatever. I am assuming you got the last 3 messages..sent 4.06. 4.30, 4.37; this is 4.49 . I can't give you any rating 'til I get aresponse that I can assess.
Hi..there sorry about the delay in geting back to you..
Yeah id say as far as the ABS goes - you maybe needing to look at the ABS wiring/plug that comes out the back of the wheel bearing - the abs target ring/sensor is combined as one unit as the wheel bearing itself..have you checked for issue with that any damaged occurred to the bearing as result of the damaged alloy/what you hit,feel for any play in the hub could well of effected the bearing so best checking that seeing as you say you hear squeaking revoving getting that tyre off and have good inpsection of the hub/disc/caliper,pads/bearing/brake hoses/abs wiring..if the ABS module see's an issue then it will most likely crop up at speed as oppossed to sitting stationary as the wheels arent turning - the other way round it is to get it on a diagnostic machine and enter the abs module and watch the live data from the front wheels "the back wheels wont have abs sensors if its drums" that way you know which side is at fault..unles codes are already sotred in relation to which side..that way you need you know whats at say going by your desription of events the abs wiring on that side may have to be checked out for damage or debris that maybe damaged the wiring into the rear of the bearing assembly...the emissions light.again it shouldnt come on due to a ABS fault normally the car/spanner light does - but id say with that you may want to check for possible exhaust damage/lamdda sensor wiring..failing that then id say as above with the abs if visual checks are done and nothing found would be to get it scanned for any codes in the ecu to direct you in the right drection as to what need checked with regards ***** ***** emissions light..I do hope this helps
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