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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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Vauxhall Insignia 2.0L Hatchback - I've started to get noise

when I turn the steering... Show More
when I turn the steering wheel, either when stationary or at very low speed.
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Can you describe roughly what the noise sounds like? or from which area on the car/engine...
Does the steering feel any differant from normal?
Any warnings or message's on the info display since this has occurred?
What year is the car?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
It's like a rasping sound, almost as if it's 'dry' - comes from the engine compartment but is very audible in the car. While driving it can't be heard and all feels normal - it kicks in when turning corner/roundabout or parking or standing still with engine running. There are No illuminated warnings on the dashboard at all. The car was registered Jan.2011, on a 60 plate, I've had it 18 mths. I cannot find any 'troubleshooting' references or 'power-steering' help in the Manual.
Ok.. ideally what i would be checking the power steering fluid - some of these had both hydraulic or electronic steering..but id imagine without vin number at hand - on that one the petrol 1.8 it will have the hydraulic in that case once you've popped the bonnet open..check the fluid level in the power steering reservior..that sits just at the front right hand side in front for the battery box/ see the cap with the steering wheel symbol on it..take the cap off have a look inside and see if the fluid's visable - there is also a dip stick on the cap to tell you what it should sit at..details in owners manual too...If the fluids low than that will be your problem low fluid level will cause the power steering pump to run alot more noisey than it should.baiscally like a dry whirring noise as the steering moved in each in that view top the fluid up with power steering fluid and then see if that helps,at the same time inspect for any leaks around the power steering circuit..because if the fluids low then you likely have a leak somewhere that needs traced down..also with the engine OFF..check the power steering pump..that the first most pulley you see on the left hand side of belt side of the engine..and check for leaks there..with the engine running just listen to the pump and see if thats where the noise is from..based on that and the fluids levels ok and the noise still seems to come from that..then id say the problems internal and the pump will likely need replaced.....But aswell as the above..have a good listen with the engine running and the bonnet up and see which side exactly..its likely from the belt side so investigations as to which component on that side is emiting the noise will likely be your first step in diagnosing whats wrong here..but with hearing i can only base on the description that view the best places to start is the fluid level for PS / belt condition on the belt side / listen for the noise on that side in particular from the pump housing itself.If PS fluids required you can get that from any good local motors halfords and such like as long as the correct type which they can check using the registration a few things to check on anyway..I do hope this helps
Sorry just noticed my mistake..yours not being the 1.8 but the 2.0 the cdti? - in that case the PS reservior will be in the same place within the engine bay just in front of the battery box and glowplug relay..but the PS pump will slightly lower down the left side..but still very much visable to inspect wise..sorry about that..but if you have anything else to ask or include then just continue before you rate
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
Robert, thank you for all your advice - I was also of the opinion that it might be PS fluid, either low or leaking but there's simply not enough obvious info in the Manual, even after a thorough search, that's why I wanted some help ... before approaching Vauxhall main dealers here which could prove costly. I've just had a look in that front reservoir you highlighted for me - and it is low. Also there is some fluid evident down below the belt drive, on the front subframe, which may indicate some sort of leak, and it seems that's the nearest source of the noise. I will go get some PS fluid today and see how it goes. By the way my car is the 2.0L CDTi as you've pointed out, and is the SRi [158] version. If the Vin number helps, I've just got that from the V5c doc ... it is: W0LGS6EM2B1086513.
Yes i can see your car now with the VIN you provided..the PS fluid cap will have dipstick on it as i mentioned so there will be if i recall correctly 2 lines..the fluid level at cold should just about touching to top line on the end of the you have to take the cap off..wipe the dipstick put it back on then take back off and look at the level line..and top up if required.. But seeing as you have spotted at least one issue with the oil on the belt..see if you can wipe some off/leaking fluid and see if looks like PS fluid..if it is... then id say from that you maybe looking at failed pressure line seal tht comes out the top of the pump..of the pump pulley seal has failed resulting in fluid leaking out and onto the belt..only way to know that for sure is to get access to the PS pump and inspect it on the engine..before removal that know what route your going to have to take to solve the issue if the pumps failed and replacement is required - ensure a new belt is installed too and new o rings seals for high pressure ps pipe from the pump itself....but in the mean long as you ensure the levels it not always running low until is sorted out..but it doesnt have to be a vauxhall sure any good local garage would be able to sort this out or even the garage you use for mot's etc..I do hope this helps further..please dont forget to rate one of the answers above most appreciated..