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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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Rob, my Vauxhall insignia engine light came on . I borrowed

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Hi rob, my Vauxhall insignia engine light came on . I borrowed a OBD scanner and it's coming up with a code p0011 . What needs to be done to fix this
What engine does it have exactly or Reg number?
Any issues with the engine running when this fault occurred?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
1800 sri petrol
Sounded a little louder but still feels ok to drive
The noise or sounding louder will be a factor here in regards ***** ***** VVT variable valve timing - "P0011 is for inlet cam solenoid output performance,position actuator A Bank 1 Timing Over Advanced" - these engine's or 1.8vvt are well common for vvt issues - they have fitted oil fed variable camshaft pulleys which are oil fed via Valve position solenoids which are commanded by the ecu to send oil under pressure to alter the cam gear position to advance or retard...normally the most common on these engines is the fouling up of the oil screen on the solenoid and this effects the vvt operation..the solnoid can be removed and cleaned and then refitted and hopefully that sorts its out..
If you look at the engine on the left hand timing belt side..just on the end of the cylinder head or behind the rear timing belt'll see a 2 cylinderical solenoids with a single mulitplug on the'll see one at the front and one at the opposite side of the engine cylinder head on the same does the exhaust cam,front.the other does the inlet cam rear of engine,that will likely be the one to go'll see they are held to the head by one single bolt once thats removed you can pull the solinoid out "watch for oil of course"..and inspect the oil passages/filter screen then clean up the filter end with either brake clean/carb clean let it dry and then refit in reversal of removal and re-test - check oil level after which - BUT if one of the cam pulleys is still running noisey..then you would be looking at both cam pulleys/plus timing belt kit to resolve that..I do hope this helps..if you require to ask anything further then please do before you rate
Robert and other Vauxhall Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for the help rob. Can I ask is it still ok to drive while this fault is showing up.
You can drive to a point - no long distance journeys as such..but ideally its something that needs addressed pretty much as soon as possible..when it comes to the vvt system which is basically run with the timing of the engine..any issue with the cam pulleys or even vvt not working would likely cause further problems/power issues or eventual failure which may result in engine dont mention the mileage - but if its due for a timing belt? then that could be a good oppertunity to get those top cam pulleys replaced along with the belt kit..aswell as have those solnoids checked out..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No long journeys planned . It's got 41000 on the clock . It's still under Warranty . But they can't fit it in until next week . I need the car for work around 12 miles a day
I cant honesty say it will be fine to drive it like it is,its entirely your choice to continue using it but id say just be easy with the car until its sorted out..normally its wise not to or thats the advice i give to be honest...the codes generally down to the VVT Solenoid and nine times of ten unlikely the pulley itself but without hearing i cant be sure.the knock/sounding louder than usual is the solenoid as the variable valve timing has jammed in the fully advanced position.thats likely what your hearing..but as far as belt change intervals its does say every 100000miles or 5 years which ever comes first..the mileage interval is known to be too high..thats why alot of people or its advised to bring that down to the every 60-70,000miles range so your not risking it leaving too long on the original belt and pulleys,tensioner etc that t-belt runs on
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Again mate thanks for your help. Yeh I would rather not drive it but have little choice right now . It's only when I start the engine does it make a noise for a second if that . There after its as quite as it always been
Yep,no i say best to start of with the solnoids first.check oil level of course before hand as thats what they primarily use or feed the cam pulleys to alter cam position..but all in all.there not much else you can do inthemean time..but hopefully once its seen to you get it sorted out..and should you need to ask anything further then just ask..cheers Robert