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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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No clutch after going throw heavy water on road

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no clutch after going throw heavy water on road
How high was this water you drove through?
Does the clutch pedal feel any differant?
Can you still get into gear at all with the engine running etc?
What model and year of vauxhall do you have?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
water height about 1 foot pedal feels the same can change gear only when the engine is off
Opel vauxhall combo cdi van
after going through the water there was some clutch stutter this went away about 2/3 minutes later
Its certainly unusual for that to the clutch if at any point does get wet so to speak will slip for a very short while until it settles back to what it was like before when its driven for a bit..have you tried if possible - Start it in 1st without the clutch and the jerking of the starter will likely break it free,might be worth trying or if it does jerk forward stamp on the brakes and see if that it sounds to me which is fairly unusual like i say - the clutch plate has maybe swelled, rust bonded/stuck to the flywheel due to the water flash and this is likely the reason why cant get it into gear with the engine running as its still sort of engaged with the engine - when it shouldnt when the clutch pedal is depressed normally to clear the flyhweel to get it in and out of gear...maybe if the vans left overnight might help..and then try as above the method if its not already freed itself by then...The only other option but to get under the vehicle and check for a access point to the flywheel and spray in some brake clean to hopefully reach the plate..if nothing of that above works..your only option sadly from there is to get the van recovered and the gearbox pulled to see exactly what gone wrong with the clutch assembly not ideal i know but i cant see any other option bar trying that method i highlighed certainly doesnt sound like the gearbox itself even though it does have its own breather in a sense it still would stop you getting into gear..have you inspected around the bottom end of the bellhousing just incase there is no brake fluid from the slave cylinder leaking? another thing to check id say...I do hope this helps
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Robert what can i say but a big thanks, ***** ***** you suggested tried this a few times in each gear and it worked, just after bringing her for a spin and she is flying would you know why would this happen
Glad you managed to get your van going again..what i would suggest is leave it for now over night and when you come used the van again..put it in first with the handbrake on..and slowly let the clutch out until its bites once or twice not to cut the engine off..just let it labor a wee bit..just to get surface bedded in,just incase theres any surface rust spots on the flywheel..once you've done that then just drive the van normally as you have done..and that should be i say - normally they just slip or judder a bit and then it stops after a few yards after the incident....its not something to be overly concerned about to be honest as its likely as mentioned the plate may of swelled a bit and has stuck..and what you have done is freed it off with that method.basically it id say.... I do hope this helps further..if you have anything else to ask then jsut continue before you rate the answer above
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