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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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I have a '56' reg Meriva 1.3 CDTi. Full service History, 48

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I have a '56' reg Meriva 1.3 CDTi. Full service History, 48000 miles. Great car/runner - one of the family. Every few weeks it smokes heavily for short distance, then clears as if nothing had happened. Performance does not alter, and no oil is used/burned. Could it be an intermittent fault with the EGR valve? Incidentally it has only done it since the exhaust and pdf were replaced in December. Should I worry and sell it?
Normally with EGR faults they can cause power issues or even cutting out..depending whether the EGR is stuck open or closed or flow issue..sometimes this can be flagged up as fault codes in the ecu if it if the fault occurs with the engine light on then it might be worth getting it plugged in to see what history codes or present or pending are logged.the EGR can be removed and cleaned so there no reason why that cant be done if prefered...but dont forget the sometimes the engine light can come on if the DPF is regenerating and this can occur at differing periods of car use or when the ecu sees the DPF is blocking or the soot content has reached a certain point..this could well be what your seeing as a result of the regeneration process and not really anything to be to concerned long as the cars is used regulary and allowed to complete the process normally under motorway driving..then DPF issues will generally be solved in most cases...but going by your description and the fact that all the vital fluids are ok and the work/parts fitted so far ..i cant see any reason why to sell..I do hope this helps
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No thanks, Robert. I suspected the new dpf might be the culprit, although the old one never did this. Son is a MB Technician, and says exactly the same as you. I will keep using it, monitoring any issues, and clean the EGR is necessary. The car is excellent, and certainly too good to sell.Cheers