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Front o/s wheel gets hot. on my vauxhall vectra 2.2 sri.the

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front o/s wheel gets hot. on my vauxhall vectra 2.2 sri.the brakes have been thoroughly checked out.there not problem.any ideas?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
brake pads.discs calippers.pipes. have been replaced
Hi..there.. When its the brake/wheel actually binding? I asume as above you've replaced the flexi / caliper / pads on that side? Has the carrier where the ears of the pads sit been cleaned up properly & sliders also been cleaned up an lightly greased?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
the work above was carried out.their is no binding.The near side wheel spins ok.when jacked up.But off side wheel .is stiff to turn.but theres no sign or sound of binding
There's probably a few things to maybe rule out which end the fault lays.. with the car jacked up on that side and the wheel turns easily - Firstly try stamping hard on the brake a few times or until as such it binds on or sticks..If the wheel starts to lock up after doing so..remove the wheel and then with a clear tube attached to the bleeder into a bottle etc..Open the bleeder..if the caliper releases the disc once the bleeders opened & fluid comes out the bleeder into the tube...then the calipers ok aswell as the pads..that means the fault is either further up the fluid supply line towards the ABS unit "if fitted" if not then the master cylinder...that being said means that fluid isn't retracting back up the line when the foot brake is released.... What condition is the Brake fluid like? ensuring the system has new fluid will help rule any possibility of bad fluid containing alot of moisture...... Aswell as that to ensure the slider pins top and bottom do actually move smoothly through the rubber boots on the caliper itself..its not unknown to get slider pins on vauxhalls of that age to get slightly bent thus causing a restriction in allowing the caliper to move easily back and forth on the pins..just to rule out id say.....After that..maybe try following the solid lines back upto the abs unit and check for issues on the line any damage the same method above with the bleeder closed try stamping on the brakes again until the wheel starts to lock up.then open the union bolt with brake pipe spanner at the ABS pump that feeds that will need a rag around it to catch any fluid..have someone else check that caliper frees off once the unions opened..if it does then the solid line to the flexi is not retricted and basically leaves the issue or problem within the ABS module or master cylinder....Maybe also check that the ABS target ring isnt broken on the outer CV joint..just incase the ABS is activating when it shouldnt...not not much i can add considering mostly all has been maybe the vague possibility of overheating wheel bearing....
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your answer.The garage told me yesterday that they had stripped every thing back to the Abs unit and their was no problem, everything was running freely.The only thing they could come up with was that it could be a faulty valve in Abs unit.It would seem that you both come up with the same verdict.However this morning on the way to work their was a humming sound coming from front wheel, sounded like tyre noise on road but noise ceased when i touched brakes.Once again thanks a lot for your verdict.