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Robert, Vauxhall Technician
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Have zafra 2.2 on57 had service told needed new timing chain

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Have zafra 2.2 on57 had service told needed new timing chain now fitted but after driving 4_5miles oil light comes on garage said bits in sump need new engine money tight should I cut my loses and get another second car money's is tight but health wise need car

Hi..there..Just noticed that your question hadnt been will try and help best i can if you still require help..

- Had a new timing chain been fitted before the oil light issue?

- What kind of "bits" had been found in the sump do you know?

- Whats the mileage?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No light on be for New timing chain when driving no noise pleased to get car back oil light on after 4-5 miles mechanic who did it away (mobile mechanic) took to garage the garage said they found bits and screw as well now say new engine put back together 4me to take out of garage now leaking oil or fluid

Ok.. by the sounds of it and what you describe..its certainly sounds like a new engine is required as wear damage could already be done of course obviously another engine .be it secondhand / reconditioned etc might be the best way forward in this situation.subject to the garage who fitting another enigne check it properly before installation..givin the fact as the car stands now you wouldn't get much as per trade you would need to weigh up what the garage are quoting you on an engine replacement plus fluids..over the costs of another second hand car..if the one you have now is fixed then it may give a better return to use as a trade in...

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