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I have a Vauxhall zafira the engine management light started

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Hi I have a Vauxhall zafira the engine management light started flashing while I was driving and the car kept loosing power. I don't the pedal test and got 3 different codes which where 17150, 30000 and 30300 do you have any ideas on what it could be please. Thanks you


The codes you have as per (p0171) means the engine is running lean due to an issue or random or missfire (p0300) on cylinder 3 (po303) so the problem will likley be on the 3rd obviously steps need to be taken to check the sparkplugs all 4 anyway and compare to number 3 and what condition its in as that can tell alot as per whats going on..if the plugs wet then obviously its not firing..then you'll need to check the coil is firing number 3..and spark tester might help or perform a perform a current ramp test using an oscilloscope..the next check is the injector on 3 so test need to be done on that ie: ohms test,voltage and signal..or of course you could swap number 3 with number 4 injector and then see if the problems moves..then you'll know its a bad injector for sure...But the majority of the time on the zafira its normally the coil itself..but best to get it checked..or maybe as cheap option depending on the year of your car..get one from a breakers yard and swap it..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I wil take it to a Vauxhall garage first thing on Monday

Hi..ok no problem..having said that it should be a fairly straight forward job for any garage..doesnt need to be the dealer in all honesty...But hopefully you get it sorted out...

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