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I have a zefera hn 55 i had a replacement concentric

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Hi i have a zefera hn 55 i had a replacement concentric slave bearing, x 2 part clutch fluid fitted on the 23\11\15 after a while the clutch started slipping again and so returned to the garage for yet another replace ment clutch foc. that was february this year, now i have the clutch slipping again i have reported this to my garage hopfuly they will replace clutch again not to hopefull though in your opinion is there any other oil seals that could contaminate the clutch, i cannot confirm that a genuine vaux parts were used on each ocation.many thanks Colin payne


What year and engine exactly does it have?

What condition is the friction plate when removed do you know?

Have they checked for contamination at all?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Robert,zafera 5 door 2.0 DTI 16v life reg date 27\10\2005
Both times that the clutch was removed the mechanic said the clutch had some oil on it and of corse this had ruind the clutch.
i have never seen iether clutches vican only take there word for it.


Ok i guess first of all the garage would need to asertain exactly what kind of oil it is? if its engine oil..then obviously they would need to check for crank seal behind the flywheel for leaks.they would need to remove the flywheel to inspect that..of course the flywheel should always be inspected for issues or replaced scoring , blueing,heat damage , and being a dmf on the DTI'S for excessive movement can all play a part in premature failure of a clutch....have they checked for excessive oil leaks on the vacuum pump on the side of the cylinder head.there is seal there that can leak...also any leaks around the sump gasket closest to the gearbox. that maybe seeping into the bellhousing....all needs to be checked....they only other seals is either on the gearbox input seal..though normally you'll notice alot of damp or oil in the area once the slave is removed....There isnt really much else could contaminate the clutch itself bar those possible areas as above...But of course the quality of the clutch/flywheel needs to be taken into account..and your garage should detail exactly the branding they are putting in....

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