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I have a Astra 1.6 16valve 2008 I just chained timing chain

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I have a Astra 1.6 16valve 2008 I just chained timing chain full kit I have got a loud weird noise when reving engine the louder you Rev the louder the noise


What kind of noise?

Oil light on?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No oil light on noise like tight chain wearing noise louder when you Rev

Whats your Registration so i can the engine code/set up

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Reg yp59uxj

Ok.. I noted you put up a 1.6 engine but its actually a 1.4 you have..

I cant see it being a tension issue because the tensioner on them is tensioned via oil pressure so because the oil light isnt on then i would persume that would be fine..did you renew the oil crankshaft seal..its vital that is replaced during that job... did you ensure the dowels that aline the cover when refitting is properly lined up and if these are not fitted the cover can be out of line and that causes oil pump problems and suspect whinning if thats what its like.....

Id hate to say above all the above - is suspect from what your saying there maybe contact going within the timing cover and the chain itself for the noise to increase in means that maybe the chain is rubbing on an area inside..but the only way to know that is to get the cover off and really inspect the inside of the cover for marks caused by the chain...Another likely senario could be the kit itself or the tensioner..I always recommend when ever doing a timing chain job on any car its always best to spend a little extra getting it direct from the dealer...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
renewed crank seal yes I had problem getting chain cover back on at to hit on think dowels was out of line engine runs ok chain tight just whining on revs

I see ok.. the dowels can be a bit of issue as long as they are clean as you can get them it should go on with a bit of light hitting with a copper/hide hammer going round either corner - because of the oil pump you need to get the cover lined and then mated up to the engine... unless the oil pump not to be central or likely slightly out of line causing the noise you hearing..

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Waiting reply
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Just took chain cover of chain cutting into cover verry deep don't know why

Where abouts on the cover?

Who's timing kit did you put on and ordered according to engine code (Z14XEP)?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
On right hand side of cover centre top to bottom about 1" wide and against centre of housing timing kit part no FAI TCK4S

Ok... Yeah its seems to be the correct kit for that engine..And you installed it correctly then the only way the chain can contact like that is if the chain guide on the right ride side could be slight to big.size thickness tolarance issue with the guides itself or the cover was missaligned..

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Could there be a faulty chain guid I these kits and how would I know , how can the line ment to course this much damage to the cover should I have put knew line ment dowels in would the shop replace the chain kit , only other thing I can think of is the bottom corg that fits on crankshaft this one had no front mark on it where the old one did

It would be difficult to know if the tolerance or size of the guide because you cant really compare with the old one since it will be worn...Its not unknown to get guides that are bad quaility and cause problems like this...why its does it? going by what your saying the chain is being pushed to much inwards on that side..of course on the left hand side is your selfadjuster guide which is positioned by the tensioner which is oil pressure that does that..where you have the long white guide on the right....

The mark on the sprocket will correspond with the position on the timing mark for the crank on the crank pulley to the lug on the timing case...if it didnt have one then it shouldnt matter as long as the crank doesnt move....Another thing to maybe look at is the tensioner "piston" protrusion on the new one..if its way fully extended then it shouldnt be like should only be fraction extended..that could be something to look i say genuine is always the best way to go and avoid aftermarket if you can...

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Noise still the same sounds like verry tight timing belt,I spoke to the retailer they never had any problems with these chain kits I also found down the inner marks on the chain cover but still the same noise I am stuck now don't know what to do next

Well how far out can you recall or see the piston on the tensioner when its all set up....I know its sounds far fetched but do the amount of links on the new chain match the same number on the old

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Could the oil pump make this noise it's like a tight chain or tight timing belt I noticed that the crankshaft pully get hotwhen run engine for few seconds and engine mountain makes heavy vibration when using a telescope

The oil pump can make a similar noise if its not lined up properly ie:- with regards ***** ***** case and the you know the pumps on the timing case inside and run by the crankshaft...If the cranks running hot that quickly would suggest that something is rubbing..are you sure the crank seal is all the way in and flush...But that still doesnt suggest to me why if the pump is making that noise causing the chain to rub as you mention..... There are marks on the oil pump rotors one on the outer and one on the inner image attached...what about the crankshaft hub is that positoned correctly with the mark pointing upwards around the 11oclock positon..did you tighten down case first then that centre bolt last...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i tight end case down first then put shaft in to pump then tighted centre bolt last I fitted new dowels to case. But was verry hard to get cover back on crank seal ok I never checked the crankshaft marks to do this would I have to time engine up

Probably best to re-time...I cant honestly think of anything else you've basically covered everything i can think off..its certainly unusual - but like i say the only thing i keep coming back to is the kit itself/ you have the old guides bearing in mind taking into account wear on the old use a pair of measuring calipers and compare size to new...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I you diden't mention if I did the right presedger i did

I dont know what you mean..Ive given you the procedure above as per oil pump/crank hub..if you've timed the engine up correctly which you appear to have done considering the engine ran.i dont need to ask if that procedure was done correctly.. you done the dowels and lined the timing case up albeit still hard to fit on which it essentailly shouldnt as alignment of that is critical to ensure the oil pump doesnt whine... this kit you fitted as far as your telling me is ok then

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Engine runs ok and timed correctly lmv noticed that whenever I removed fan belt the noise got lighter if put presser on belt it gets louder

If the belt is tensioned then its puts extra strain on the crank pulley..if the oil pump/hub isnt aligned then you may likely hear that noise...if as you say the crank gets very hot..then something on the end is binding or not aligned..If where me id re do the whole lot again..i know you dont need to remove the sump but that be an option then ensure the tensioner and guides are properly fitted..replace the oil pump..renew the timing case the timing case torque it down fit the crank hub torque that refit the sump..and re-install crank pulley..after that i can see what else it could be its simple installation but alignment is key especially for the oil pump