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Trying to loosen petrol pipe connections that go under

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Trying to loosen petrol pipe connections that go under Vauxhall Vectra. Is two stroke oil that you buy to mix with petrol suitable to put down spark plug holes on a car engine that's being stood. How much do you put down spark plug holes.How long do you do you leave it. Do you turn starter with spark plugs out to get rid off oil. Is it a good idea to put oil down spark plug holes on a engine that's going to be stood say every few months. After you put it down holes do you turn engine by hand with spark plugs out to get rid off oil


You'll need fuel line pliers to crimp both sides of the fuel line connection to pull it off on most vauxhalls...ordinary engine oil should be fine a very small amount into each cylinder..and turn the engine over with sparkplugs out by hand and do this now and again..ensuring each time you turn the engine by hand the sparkplugs are out and then reinstalled to ensure nothing gets into the cylinders..when you come to start the engine up,check your current oil level or even just change the oil and filter..pull the plugs out again and spin the engine over on the starter for a few seconds..install the sparkplugs and start the engine up and leave it to idle to burn off excess oil until it warms up a bit,to recheck oil level again then increase the revs..and use as normal..also inspect rubber belts for timing belt and outside auxillary belt..I do hope this helps

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I sent a potograph off petrol pipe connecters to just answer there are going to send you them i have no fuel line pliers ive tried pressing green on connector with metal it does not move i sent a photograph to just answer off the connector thats broken that connects to engine The green on the connector dosent move do you think it would be worth loosen petrol tank and and trying to loosen petrol pipe further a long line. Is vauxhall car engine oil ok to put down spark holes g m motor oil 10w- 40


I havent had photos sent to me as of yet..but i know which type of fuel line connectors your talking the majority of vauxhalls still actually use these..and more often with them if they havent been moved in some time..gets alot of corrosion or dirt build up and this causes difficulty getting these off....Ive included a picture of the pliers (laser 5792) but you should be able to find them fairly cheap on ebay..or of course you could use two small flat head screw drivers in at each side and the pull the line off..Off course too you may end up breaking it..if you break the plastic lock part itself you can actually get these seperate without having to get another whole new connector..fuel filter will always come with news ones anyway..or you may have to to resort to having to cut them off which means sadly having to renew the line or connector itself but you you'll and fuel line connector installation tool which isnt cheap for a once or twice only time a new line from end to end might the way to go..vauxhall will likely sell those.....but no you dont have to use GM oil..any good motor oil from any motor factor outlet locally to you of 10w/40 will be fine...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Hi..thanks for that..i can see them.. yeah you 'll need those pliers for the need push/squeeze in the green/blue tabs on those connectors together or to get the line off..installing them just requires you push them on till they the pliers would help alot here for the pic with the engine bay..that crimped line should have a solid plastic line coming out of it..and if not mistaken..that engine bay looks a Vectra C that had a 1.9 CDTI diesel engine in it? in which case that line/crimped end would be a feed line to the filter housing..the other bit im not sure off unless thats broken off the filter housing top part??

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Do I need any gasket cement on gearbox differential cover gasket such as hylotyte red 100 . I showed you a picture last week off a petrol pipe that had broken. Do you recommend me getting a new pipe or second hand pipe. If you recommend a new pipe how much do there cost. theres a metal piece where rubber connects to metal pipe that goes ruster If you buy a new piece does the pipe start from blue connection under car at metal pipe Can you just fit rubber pipe where the engine is If you can I don't know how to fit metal connections that connect to rubber and metal pipe and small connection near throttle body that is broken.

Yes Hylotye 100 would be ok to use a thin bead would surfice....As far as the pipe looking around a few breakers yards to be honest for those and any other pipes you may ones will be expensive normally fuel lines at vauxhall would come in a £30+ but you really need to see the dealers parts section to point out which pipe you require on the schematics they have on computer at the can use proper fuel hose at engine with jubblie clips as long as the internal diameter of the pipe is slighty smaller to give a good seal plus the added clips for security

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
How do i use hylotyte red 100. Do i spread hylotyte on gasket and gearbox . Then do i i join surfaces to gether. Then do i fit bolts. then do i tighten bolts with socket and extension bar tight as possible by hand with out breaker bar. Then do i wait 15 minutes and tighten extension bar with breaker bar after that do i torque them to 18 n m

If you have a new gasket then you wont need sealer..if your using the old depending thena light smear of the sealer on both sides of the the gasket to either gearbox or diff cover preferably..then hold cover whilst you fit the bolts in hand tight..then tighten bolts in cross wise till tight..not over tight..then wait 15mins and then use a torque wrench and tighten to specified torq as above..clean away any excess sealer around the seem..then that should be fine..

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ive sent photographs of clutch pressure plate friction plate. I there ok to fit on to flywheel. Flywheel isnt silver colour. Is the fricton plate ok to fit onto that or will the flywheel need machning. im using threadlocker red for flywheel bolts.


Flywheel will need machined or at least cleaned up..the friction plate appears to look ok..but the pressure plate id say doesnt look all that great say maybe invest in a new 3 part clutch kit get the flywheel cleaned up..least then you wont have the bother of needing to do the clutch again in near future..