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Astra sports tourer 2012 missfiring

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Astra sports tourer 2012 missfiring


How bad is the missfire?

Have you had this problem long & has anything been checked , replaced so far upto this point? and if so what?

Any lights on the dash since this problem occurred?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If had the problem 2 days spark plugs ok coil pack ordered and should be here tomorrow engine management light on stability control light on and won't go off .

I see ok..

Well ideally in this kind of'd been best off before buying anything to see what the fault codes are or related too..quite often if a missfire is detected by the ecu,SC light maybe on because of the missfire but you'll know that once youve seen the codes and dealt with the obvious problem..then it will store codes related to which ever cylinder is at fault,whether that be coil fault,injector fault,or wiring fault to the either of those,mechanical problem on that cylinder..unless its random missfire in which case you'd maybe be looking at intake leak possibily..if you should have to fit a coil on once you get it..and the problem is still present then scan will have to be your next port of call need to be backed up with some idea as to what the ecu is seeing or logging...once you have these codes you can come back here and i may be able to help further...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thankyou for you help .

No problem...In the meantime if you could leave me a rating for helping and assisting with your question it would be much appreciated...

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