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I have noticed a dripping of water under my 62 meriva about

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Hi I have noticed a dripping of water under my 62 meriva about half way between engine and the back in the middle of the car seems to be clear water but have not caught any yet would it be a good idea to get it in the garage for a A/X check although never had the Air con on for weeks or even months thank you


Its depends on the AC use alot of these do tend to release alot of the captured condensation from the heaterbox evaporator and vents it out when when either AC is in use or not.sometimes recirculation setting on climate control for humidity from within the cabin passing can collect within there too and sometimes drain out you may see a small trail or small pool under the car.but normally its more seen after or druing A/C use.and its totally normal to see long as the fluid you see is clear and odourless then thats what it will be....So i wouldnt say it something to be concerned about if thats the case.....But as long as it no other type of fluid like brake fluid or fuel..then as above it will be the condensation draining should stop after about 15mins or so usually..Hope this helps

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