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Nathan B
Nathan B, Nvq3 motor mechanic
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I am trying to find where to top up clutch fluid in my Corsa

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I am trying to find where to top up clutch fluid in my Corsa registraton number YG 53 GWP. All I lcated was brake fluid reservoir New hydraulic release bearing placed. Clutch pedal very loose. Please help.
Hi there, welcome to just answer. My name is ***** ***** I hope I can be of assistance to you today. As you can imagine I cannot see or touch your car so I will have to ask a few questions first so my answer is better sourced for you.
1. Did you replace the release bearing yourself? And also, did you replace the clutch at the same time?
2. What was the reason the release bearing was changed for please?
3.what is your mechanical knowledge level and are you hoping to fix this yourself with my assistance?
I look forward to your replies.
Thank you in advance
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
1 My younger brother and I, replaced the realease bearing, clutch and the pressure plate athe same time.
2 As the engine was taken out to replace the broken timing chain, we thought to replace all three in one clutch.
3 My mechanical knowledge is average. My younger brother's knowledge is above average as he trained by our uncle
who was an expert proffessonal engineer for Volvo cars.
4 Yes we are hoping in anticipation with your expert engineering.
5 I await your recomendations. Thanking you in advance.
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I prefer by e mailings
Hi again. First off, thank you for your answers to my questions. I'm sorry, but we only post on this thread and not via email.
OK. I'm glad you changed all 3 items as that would be my recommendation anyway when doing the release bearing.
On to your problem. The clutch release bearing is fed fluid from the brake fluid reservoir. So it would seem that the clutch needs bleeding to bring the pedal back up. To do this will need the 2 of you. One in the car and the other under the bonnet. On the pursue of the gearbox by the pipe that connects to the release bearing there should be a bleed screw. What you need to do first is top up the brake fluid reservoir, then loosen the bleed screw slightly then the person in the car pushed the pedal to the floor and holds it down. You will notice fluid and air come from the bleed screw. Then you tighten it up and the person in the car pulls the pedal back up. Repeat this process about 10 times or until no air comes from the bleed screw making sure the level in the fluid reservoir doesn't stop too far otherwise you will get air back into the system. Once you have no air coming out of the bleed screw and tightened it up, the person in the car can pump the clutch pedal s few times and you will notice that the pedal comes up correctly and you should feel force on the pedal again. Try then starting the car and while started you should be able to put it into gear with the pedal depressed and the bite should be about half way up or higher really.
You can then switch off and check the level again and top up if needed to the correct level.
I hope this has helped you in this matter. Please remember to rate my answer as any feedback is much appreciated as I strive for complete customer satisfaction with the service I provide on this site. If you require any further help with this please post to this thread as rating does not close out the question. Also if you require help in the future you can contact me via my profile on this site and I will be happy to help you again.
Thank you in advance
Nathan B and other Vauxhall Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank you
Nathan B.
We follow your recommends.
Please check yoyr ratings.

Hi Raj.

Thank you for rating my answer and for the bonus received. I'm just glad I could help you with your problem.

As already mentioned, if you still require further help on this matter you can still post to this thread and I will help you further and if you require help in the future please contact me on this site and I will endeavour to help you again.

Thank you again


Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I will do contact you if any more need arises.
Once again many Billions of Thank you!
No problem. Glad to help.
Thanks again