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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Veterinarian
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We noticed a couple of weeks back that our goldfish has a growth

Customer Question

We noticed a couple of weeks back that our goldfish has a growth at the base of its body where it meets the tail! Before we noticed this we had become aware of it becoming more and more inactive with very little appetite. After speaking to an expert at a local garden centre we started using aqaurium salt and now we are using 'disease clear' to irradicate any bacterial infection it may have. Nothing seems to do the trick. Now it seems parts of his fins mouth and eyes are turning black and his body seems to less firm and a bit mushy looking???? Is there anything we can do to help it? We change the water weekly and still using aquariam salt and disease clear, there's an air stone in the aquariam but no filter.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  Dr. Dan M. replied 5 years ago.


I am sorry Henry has this problem.

It is great you are doing weekly water changes, make sure you are dechlorinating the new water with a dechlorinating tonic or are leaving the fresh water to stand for 24 hours before putting it in (this removes the chlorine)

There are many things that could cause this lesion from a parasite, to a tissue mass and possible chemical burn from reduced water quality.

I would get your water tested at your local aquatic centre to ensure the ammonia and nitrate levels and pH are appropriate.

It might be worth switching from an antibacterial tonic to a more general antibacterial/antifungal and antiprotozoal tonic.

If the water quality is abnormal you may need to start more aggressive water changes.

Adding salt is good for debilitated fish and can help them recover.

If things aren't improving or no water based cause is identified, you may need to have a look locally for a vet that deals with fish. If you look on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons website you will be able to search for this

It is normal for goldfish fins and scales to change colour but usually it is from black to gold.

It is possible this may be a conditon that isn't able to be cured but it is definitely worth having a go with the above procedures.

Good luck and I hope Henry is OK

Best wishes

Dan Makin