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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Veterinarian
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hi my leopard gecko has stopped eatin all together , i ve tryed

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hi my leopard gecko has stopped eatin all together , i ve tryed her with meal worms and crickets and she just turns her nose up at them , shes not eaten for about 7 days , she looks healthy apart from not really moving around alot , please help

I'm sorry Dipsy is unwell. This will most likely need a physical exam with your vet.

There a couple of things which could be going on. Firstly and most commonly the environment may not be perfect to allow appropriate levels of calcium to build up in her system. So it is important to ensure the UV light hasn't deteriorated (ideally replaced every 6 months) that there is a good temperature gradient providing warmth but also allowing a cooler end to escape too. The humidity should be assessed too, spraying the vicarious daily and also having a hidden dark area with damp paper or moss in that can help with shedding.
It is also important she is supplemented with calcium and this should be dusted on to crickets or drops used in water. Metabolic bone disease is a common finding in reptiles and often makes them anorexic. When they become very ill injections of calcium are often needed along with syringe feeding.

Secondly, worms can make reptiles unwell. So I would definitely recommend a faecal sample is examined by your vet and if needed a wormer provided.

Try a luke warm bath as this will allow water to pass across the scales and help hydration, you can buy supplements such as reptoboost which can be used in the bath and pass across the skin helping nourish her.

To be honest, leopard geckos aren't very strong so as she hasn't eaten for a while I would take her to your vet as shd may need more aggressive treatment as well as worming.

Good luck and I hope she is OK


Dan Makin
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