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My eight-year old neutered cat seems to have done something

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My eight-year old neutered cat seems to have done something to his tail. It drops straight down, and obviously hurts a bit, as he growls if the other cat goes near it. He has let me gently examine it, and he seems otherwise unbothered - eating well, purring madly, but sits down very carefully. I cannot see that he has been bitten, and he appears not to be constipated. Can you help?
Hi there

Can you see any swelling on the tail area at all? And have you checked his claws especially his back ones for scuffing?

The usual causes for this type of problem are either a cat bite (sometimes it is really hard to find the puncture wounds), trauma such as being trapped in a door, or what we call a tail pull injury which is usually caused by a car running over the tail as the cat runs across the road. This is the most serious problem as it can cause nerve damage and problems urinating or defaecating.

If he is eating, drinking and toileting normally you can probably observe him for 24 hours to see what happens, although it is important to keep him indoors. If it is simple bruising it should be improving in that time. H
Sorry hit the button by mistake!

I was about to say - if he is off his food or can't go to the toilet he definitely needs a trip to the vets.

I hope that helps and feel free to ask me any further questions.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Many thanks. I shall keep a close eye on him. He certainly doesn't seem to be at all upset, and he does not have access to a road, so I know he hasn't been run over. If things take a turn for the worse I shall definitely take him to the vet (kicking and screaming - him, not me!)

I am glad he is doing ok. Thank you for your rating.