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DR.J, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  Hello , i'm James DVM MRCVS and I would love to help.
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my cat is 13 yrs old and circles constantly. the vet has given

Customer Question

my cat is 13 yrs old and circles constantly. the vet has given antibiotics for an inner ear infection and they worked for a while but have now stopped. they said the only thing i can do is have an mri scan at £2000.00 which i simply cannot afford. the circling has got worse but he still knows to go out to go to the toilet, etc so his actual brain seems ok. do you have any further suggestions please as its affecting his quality of life now?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
Hi , I'm James DVM MRCVS and would love to help you with your problem
but first let me ask you a number of questions :
1. how was katie diagnosed with ear disease . was there and secretion from any of her ears (and which ear was it) , was there any sample taken and sent of to a lab ?
2. what type of antibiotics was Katie given and for how long .
3. is Katie showing any another symptoms besides going in circles , like strange behaviour , depression . To which side is she turning too in her circles.

You answer will help me answer your better and help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi james-he had dirty outer ears which the vet nurse cleaned whilst i was there- about 3 weeks ago now. they couldn,t see anything inside so assumed it was inner ear.there was no sample taken at all. he was eating fine up till thursday morning but has had no food or water since thursday pm now- everytime he stands up he circles and falls over. he also hasn,t purred for 3 days,the antibiotice are called nisamox 50gm and he has 1.5 twice a dAY.

Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
Hi again.

Firstly let us try and address the possibility that we are dealing with nothing but an ear infection.
in that case , ear infections can be stubborn little buggers and will not go away unless a long , and directed treatment is given . by saying directed I mean , taking a swab from the infected ear and sending it to a lab , there it will be analyzed and your vet is told what type of bacteria/fungus Katie has inside her ear and what antibiotic will be best for treating against it . most often when middle and inner ears signs are showing , along course of treatment is needed of oral and drops of antibiotics . So before we go on expansive scans , this is worth the try cause it might be that all Katie needs is a different type of antibiotics to help resolve her problem.

Since Katie is 13 years old , your vet was worried that something more sever could be occurring which might be affecting the brain and as such offered MRI scan which is rather expensive I do agree.
Before going down that route , you vet is able to take an Xray of Katie's head and by that try and see if the inner ear is showing increased signs of inflammation which would help him in his diagnosis of Katies condition.

Another thing worth checking is Katie's teeth.
so many times , dental diseases project towards the ears and eyes , as well as leading to these organs suffering from a subsequent infection.

In summary i recommend the following before we go any higher :
1. send of a swab from the ear for a test called 'culture and sensitivity' and adjust treatment accordingly
2. skull Xray can tell us many things and is very cheap in compared with MRI
3. Full dental exam is advised
4. I would recommend a full blood profile and chest Xray to rule out other conditions which might lead to poor Katie's symptoms .

You mentioned that Katie's is not eating or drinking for 2 days now .
An animal is not drinking is a very serious thing and if it persists you must see your vet for emergency help.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

very many thanks- i will see how he is by tonight and rebook with the vet accordingly.

Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
I am very happy to help , and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help
Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
I shall be very happy to know how Katie is doing , so feel free to contact me .

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