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DR.J, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  Hello , i'm James DVM MRCVS and I would love to help.
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my 12 yrold pekingese lunged foward and caught his throat on

Customer Question

my 12 yrold pekingese lunged foward and caught his throat on the edge of a rigid dog bed.he started to cough and brought up thick syrupy liquid.that was over a week ago.he is still bringing up the same although we took him to the vet the next day as he had brought his food up twice.she gave him antibiotic antiflamand an antisick tablets.he seems not to be bringing his food up but a large amount of this syrupy clear liquid perhaps twice a day.there is a tiny amount of food in it but not his meal.what do you think he has done to his throat my vet didnt seem to know.thank you.lynne
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  DR.J replied 4 years ago.
Hi , I'm James DVM MRCVS and would love to help you with your problem

But what you're explaining , your dog had a traumatic event which you're believe to have caused these symptoms to come about .
The question is whether these symptoms started as a result of what happened or simultaneously to what happen but have not direct contact.
in order to determine that there are some exams which need to be done and which I would recommend
1. perform an Xray of the upper and lower part of the respiratory passage . there might be a persistent inflammation of the trachea which could result in this phlegm like material coming up or alternatively it could be coming from the stomach or esophagus where there might be a persistent disease responsible for these symptoms
I would advise performing an ultrasound of the stomach as well .
2. a generalized blood test . your dog is 12 years old and its worthwhile to check her blood values to see if there are any elevations which can point out towards the symptoms .
3. further down the road one can even do an endoscopic exam of the trachea and esophagus - stomach to see if there are any problems which can be identified.

by what you're describing it sounds like this syrup like material is most probably bile coming from the stomach .
This could be due to an ulcer for example of any other gastric disease which the ultrasound tool would be very good to diagnose .

so what to do then:
1. if you dog keeps on vomiting then more tests are warranted - Xray, Ultrasound and blood test .if no answer is found by then , one should give endoscopy a try . it's worthwhile give antacid tablets which your vet can give you , these can alleviate the symptoms greatly and might help resolve the problem at times.

I hope this helps you with your problem and I wish you all the best .

Please don't forget to rate my answer :)

DR James