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gpvet, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  I am a general practice vet with 13 years of experience dealing with all types of companion animals and small exotics
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I have a 20 year old cat, Tom. I am a pensioner age 73 on

Customer Question

I have a 20 year old cat, Tom. I am a pensioner age 73 on 17.05.13 and a non-tax payer because of low income. I don't want Tom to suffer towards the very end of his life. I live in Shepherds Bush, West London. How can I find an accessible vet who will take into account my inability to meet full vets' fees.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  gpvet replied 4 years ago.
Hi there

I can make a few suggestions that may help, but they can by their nature only be broad ones. Every vet is different and has different policies.

Firstly - have you consulted your current vet about whether they have any policies that can help you? Many vets do have 'discount days' for OAP's, which is convenient for routine or non urgent issues. They may also be able to offer you extended payment options if the need arises.

Secondly, have you consulted any charities as to whether they can help? This may not be something they can answer unless there is a specific problem you need help with. There are several national charities - the PDSA is there for anyone who receives housing or council tax benefits, the local branch of the RSPCA may be able to help as may the local branch of Cats Protection. In addition, there may be other smaller local charities who have schemes in place to help those on restricted incomes. Your vet should know if there are any in your area. I certainly have 2 or 3 I can turn to in this situation.

All you can do is ask, and I would start with your current vet. Top tip for finding this type of information out - don't ring first thing in the morning when the phone is ringing off the hook with emergencies, or last thing at night when the receptionists want to go home. If you ring in the middle of the day you are much more likely to get someone who is in a helpful mood.

I hope this helps