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DrRalston, Veterinarian
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There is a male a cat that comes into my house and sprays through

Customer Question

There is a male a cat that comes into my house and sprays through the living room and kitchen,I have put magnetic collars on my 2 female cats and 2 male cats and fitted a magntic cat flap,but the unwanted male still manages to get in ,any ideas please?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  DrRalston replied 4 years ago.
This definitely sounds like a difficult situation.

I assume that your cats are indoors/outdoors as they please? If that it is so, you might be able to fix the problem very quickly if your cats are able to use the litter box inside.

Cats are creatures of habit, but are always looking for easy solutions to the problem. If a difficult situation arises they are likely to give up on the problem after very little effort on their part.

SO, I would suggest if possible, bring your pets indoors for at least 2 weeks. Have them stay inside and close off all access to the outside for any cats.

The visiting cat will continue to come around and try to enter the house. And why shouldn't he? After all, sounds like a good place for cats. There are four that live there already and there is nice food and water for all of them. Easy life. BUT, after a few weeks of trying and being rejected, this cat will likely move on to some other place that is more accessible.

You could also try to trap the visitor in a cat trap and take it to the Dumb Friends League or animal shelter in your area. I know this seems like a mean alternative, but it is your property and home life that is being threatened here.

Also, try to contact the owner of this cat and alert them to the problem. They might be willing to keep their pet indoors if they knew it was a problem.

If the cat is a male and is not neutered and is a stray, you might consider having it neutered and it would be less likely to spray.

Also, if you have not actually SEEN this cat spray in the house, do not rule out that it might be YOUR cats doing it. Males do spray, and females can spray as well and WILL when they are threatened by other cats, stressed, or trying to mark their own territory.

Sounds like that is the case here.

Otherwise, it will be impossible to keep a cat from coming into your house when your cats are going in and out at will. The other cat is probably sneaking in behind them. They are very fast of course.

You are probably better off closing off the magnetic cat door and just letting your cats into the house and out of the house the old fashioned way, by opening the door.

-Dr Ralston