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My parents are both currently in hospital. They have a dog

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My parents are both currently in hospital. They have a dog which we have no vaccination history for. i need to board it but kennels cannot take it. how long after the first injection before it an go into boarding kennels and also the kennel cough vaccine.

i am desparate.

I am so sorry you are in this situation,

The length of time post vaccination will be dictated by the kennels, usually it is a week and some will take the dog after having only had the first of the two injections required for the annual vaccination course (distemper, infectious hepatitis, para influenza virus. Parvovirus and leptospirosis) the course consists of two injections two weeks apart.

The kernel cough only requires one single vaccination placed up the nose and this as mentioned above is usually accepted 1 week at least prior to boarding.

So I would get them started ASAP and also speak to your kennels to see what their own individual requirements are.

Good luck and I hope your parents are ok.


Dan Makin
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