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Dr. Dan M.
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My guinea pig over the last 24 hours has become very quiet

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My guinea pig over the last 24 hours has become very quiet and sleeping a lot. She has developed a bald patch under her chin. She has stopped eating?

I am sorry Bepo is unwell.

Firstly, yes you should definitely take her to your vets.

Anything that causes a guinea pig not to eat for a prolonged time should be investigated. It is vital she keeps eating, so try her with some puréed herbs (parsley, coriander) or pineapple juice or vegetable baby food.

The most likely cause of the problem is dental disease and the teeth should be checked to see if they have grown sharp. Tis will also cause excessive salivation which in turn can cause hairloss under the chin.

If the teeth are a problem then she will need to have them rasped down to be smooth and pain free as well as requiring some pain killers for a short time.

Whilst at the vets she will be thoroughly checked over so that if the teeth are OK the other causes of anorexia can be looked into.

Good luck and I hope she is OK


Dan Makin
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