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Dr. Susan
Dr. Susan, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  8 years of clinical experience with specialty in veterinary pain management, urology, and geriatrics
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How can I tell if my dog has had an aneurysm?

Customer Question

How can I tell if my dog has had an aneurysm?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  Dr. Susan replied 4 years ago.

Dr. Susan :

I'm so sorry to hear Trixie is ill. It sounds like things must be serious. What signs are you seeing?

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : We found her collapsed in her run when we came home from work she was after soiling herself and she was completely limp her eyes were open but she was barely moving
Dr. Susan :

Has she ever had any illness previously?

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : No never she is a very healthy dog that goes for walks every day she is a mix between a collie and a cocker spaniel
Dr. Susan :

I see. Well, aneurysms are possible in dogs, but very uncommon. My first two thoughts would be either undiagnosed heart disease or a neurologic problem such as seizure disorder.

Dr. Susan :

I'm very glad you were able to get her to the vet. I would certainly start with a physical exam, and would also like to do blood work immediately.

Dr. Susan :

If these were normal, I would continue with imaging of the chest using x-ray.

Dr. Susan :

Do you know if they've done any testing yet?

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : Yes the vet we bought her too said a suspected aneurysm or a seizure she is now being kept over night in the vets she is sedated and unaware of her surroundings and he said he will ring us in the morning and let us no how she is...what are the chances of her surviving this?
Dr. Susan :

At this point, I would say her prognosis is guarded until we get a diagnosis.

Dr. Susan :

When you say she is sedated, do you mean they gave her sedative medication?

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : I don't think there were any tests done he has her on a drip and I honestly don't know if he has a X-ray machine in his practice
JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : Yes I think he have her a sedative
Dr. Susan :

IV fluids are a good idea as long as she doesn't have a heart condition. I'm surprised he gave her sedation, it sounds like she was already very lethargic/unresponsive when you had found her.

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : She was given a full examination when she was neutered and no heart conditions were flagged the vet said she was the healthiest dog he has ever seen...yes she was just lying on her tummy with her 2 paws streched in front of her and her back paws stretched behind her and her tail was underneath her
Dr. Susan :

Was there any vomit or feces in her run?

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : Yes there was faeces Which is very strange because she has never ever peed or pood in her run she always waits until she comes out
Dr. Susan :

I suppose another possibility would be anaphylaxis, she could have been bit or stung by an insect while in her run and had a severe reaction.

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : What type of insect would cause that do you think? It was very stormy and cold here today and snowing a bit so there was no sign of insects
Dr. Susan :

Perhaps a spider or stinging insect like a bee, wasp or hornet.

Dr. Susan :

With the weather, a spider might be possible. The other flying types not as likely.

Dr. Susan :

I don't know that I've ever seen a dog in that condition after a reaction, but I'm trying to brainstorm other possible causes for you.

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : Ok well thank you so much for your help we have just all been terribly upset today as she is the baby of the family and the most loyal and caring dog and I could not wait until tomorrow morning for an answer
Dr. Susan :

I understand. I highly recommend requesting some blood work and also ask your vet what he thinks of her heart at this time.

Dr. Susan :

You can certainly get back to me later if you have any test results to discuss.

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : Ok I will definitely say that to him thank you so much for your help if I have any other questions and when I get the test results I will definitely discuss them with you if I have any questions
Dr. Susan :

Great. Good luck with your little girl. I'll be thinking about you.

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : Thank you very much you have been a great help
Dr. Susan :

You're welcome!

JACUSTOMER-1ee7s38a- : She had an aneurysm in her brain she passed away this evening
Dr. Susan :

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope good memories of Trixie will help to comfort you at this time.