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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon.
Category: Vet
Satisfied Customers: 21782
Experience:  BVMS, MRCVS. { Glasgow UK }
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For the attention of Scott Nimmo... Hello again, I have

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For the attention of Scott Nimmo...

Hello again, I have another cat (male, 5 years old) had him from 9 weeks, very timid and jumpy with all but me, problem is he won't touch cat food, dry or wet, will only eat chicken (roasted preferably!), or fish... he was from a large litter of a numerous cat household and still allowed to suckle up to the point we adopted him... is there any way of introducing actual cat food or am I doomed to feed him like a king forever?

Scott Nimmo :

Hello again,

Scott Nimmo :

The last question we talked over was easier than this one! Cats are very fixed in their ways and if he is now five years of age and has always been like this then the chances of sorting it out are slim ... sorry.

Scott Nimmo :

The usual advice would just be trial and error really, just working through all the possible cat food brands to see if there is one which he might fancy or mixing cat food with his favourite " human " food.

Scott Nimmo :

In the past I have suggested starving such cats until they do eventually take regular cat food, and very often they don't ! It seems they will rather starve themselves to death! Very frustrating!

Customer: Yeah have done that unfortunately! Oh well roast chicken on the weekly menu it is... don't mind though as although a little 'damaged' he's my favourite, he is a bugger for catching hs own meals as well if you know wat I mean so he's helping me out a little I suppose! Thanks anyway :o)
Scott Nimmo :

There is just one trick which might work, appetite stimulants. Valium for example is a potent appetite stimulant in the cat, you might have success by putting him on low level valium { tablets } daily, trying him on regular cat food and then if successful gradually wean him of the Valium. Valium is a prescription only drug so you would have to run that past your vet.

Scott Nimmo :

I guess as long as his health is good it is not too much of a problem, just more of a nuisance to you ...

Scott Nimmo :

I have a feral cat here which will only eat rice and leftovers, it just will never touch the expensive imported cat food the others get ...

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I suspect he very well knows he has me well and truly where he wants me and to be honest I don't mind as long as he's happy, he's a very damaged cat I don't know how, certainly before my care but amazingly loving with me, follows me everywhere, I don't mind the fresh fish and prawns one bit, he's worth it, I just thank god I got him and not someone without my patience! Thanks for the advice though

No problem, very glad to have advised you ...