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gpvet, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
Satisfied Customers: 94
Experience:  I am a general practice vet with 13 years of experience dealing with all types of companion animals and small exotics
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My 12 week old pup ( chihuahua poodle cross) hurt her leg on

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My 12 week old pup ( chihuahua poodle cross) hurt her leg on Friday afternoon . She landed on it after jumping and squeaked for a couple of minutes, since then she has been hopping and isn't keen to put weight on it. She isn't in any pain and is playing and eating as usual. She lets you touch and pull it without complaint . Is it just a case of trying to make her rest it or should I take her to have it checked out?

gpvet :

Hi there

Customer: Hello
gpvet :

My suggestion would definately be to get this checked out with your vet tomorrow. Whikst I find that young puppies are really good at being 'drama queens' over minor injuries, usually they return to normal walking very quickly. Usually they are normal again inside 24 hours. To not want to use it properly says to me there is still some pain somewhere even if she is not yelping.

Customer: She is starting to put it to the floor a bit . What will the vet do?
gpvet :

The vet will do a full examination and try and identify the source of the pain. Based on that exam, they will either advise on continued rest and provide you with pain relief for her, or recommend xrays.

Customer: Will they give med to ease inflammation etc?
gpvet :

Yes I suspect they will.

Customer: ok. Ithanks
gpvet :

No problem. Let me know how you get on. I hope she is ok!

Customer: Me too. She can't have done anything serious ie long term damage can she?!
gpvet :

You would hope not but I gave seen these little dogs manage to get some quite nasty growth plate fractures from seemingly quite minor incidents. However the fact she is using it a little tiday is encouraging.

Customer: What's a growth plate fracture?
gpvet :

The bones in young animals grow from non-calcified areas at either end of the bone. Fractures through these are of concern as although they are rarely displaced (ie fragments in the wrong place) if they are damaged they can stop growth of the bone at that point.

Customer: Sounds horrible. Really hope it's not that then. Can that be treated?
gpvet :

It can be yes. It is often mote an issue in large breed dogs than small breed though, so she has that on her side.

Customer: Glad to hear that :-)
gpvet :

In the meantime just keep her quiet as you have been. I would try and get a morning appointment tomorrow if you can, and take her in starved. Then they can xray the same day if they deem it necessary.

gpvet :

As I said, please let me know how she gets on. I have to go to work, but I will check back later if you have any other questions.

gpvet :


Customer: Thank you
gpvet :

How did you gt on today?

Customer: Hi, her leg is much better today. She is walking and running on it with just the occasional hop! Haven't taken her to see a vet as she seems fine
gpvet :

great, glad to hear it. Hopefully just jarred it and will be 100% tomorrow then.

Customer: Hope so. Thanks for checking up on her
gpvet :

My pleasure. It is always nice to have follow up on cases both here and in the day job.

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