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I have a 17 female cat, who has now a UTI. It was diagnosed

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I have a 17 female cat, who has now a UTI. It was diagnosed by urine sample, after one morning when she had problems urinating and she was just dropping. She was well again in few hours. The vet give her Nisamox 50g, but said also that she might have problems with kidneys. I read the description of medicine and it was said it is not good for cats with kidney problems. Cat was well and went to toilet normally for about 4 days, after that she still started to have again urinating problems, and there was some small blood in it. I gave her Nisamox, and at first after giving it twice it was fine, cat was again able to urinate well after about 4 hours before it was difficult. But after third dose I gave last evening, 3 hours after that she walked around like she had pain in her stomach, her back legs were weak and when she lied down, she wasn't able to get up. SHe slept for some hours and was able again to get up, go to urinate and eat and drink. Now she looks ok, but she is a bit avoiding sitting down. Is this the symptom of UTI or has she got some side effects from Nisamox. Should I continue giving it to her , there are 6 days left, or should I get another medicine that is more kidney friendly. Thank you
UTI can cause general discomfort and pain. But there are many different urinary tract disorders that can all show similar signs. These include urinary tract infection, bladder inflammation, bladder stones, bladder tumours and sometimes kidney disease.

Kidney disease is often seen in older cats, but could be worsened with concurrent lower urinary tract disease.

It is important your cat is kept pain free as this can amplify the effects bladder pain, so a safe one to use would be oral buprenorphine which your vet can prescribe.

Nisamox is a safe antibiotic and I wouldn't worry about possible kidney effects.

So I wouldn't stop the antibiotics, I would maybe approach your vet to get some pain relief as well as confirm the diagnosis and ensure the correct disease is being treated.

Good luck

Dan Makin
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello, thank you very much for answer, it is good to know that i can continue with the medicine. How long should it take
the atibiotics start to affect and maybe help with pain? She seems ok, and i will wait it to work, if she is.not getting better i will take her to vet. Thanks.

Antibiotics will take 3-4 days to start having an effect, but only if the problem is bacterial infection.

If things aren't improving or pain persists then definitely get her checked.

Best wishes

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks again. I didn't give her antibiotics this morning because I wanted to check first. Is it ok and is it still effective if there is a break between giving it, so she had a pill last evening at 7.30 pm, and I will give it today when I go home at 5.20PM. It was supposed to give every 12 hours. I will continue now every 12 hours.




It should be fine to resume the antibiotics and little difference would be seen with this small break. So carry on with that plan.

Take care


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for advice.

No problem, its a pleasure
Dr. Dan M. and other Vet Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello again,

I wanted to ask more advice because my cat had now the antibiotix Nisamox 50 g for 7 days, and she was better and went to toilet normally. I gave last pill yesterday and today evening she started again dropping pee, and acting like she was in pain. It looks like it was antibiotics worked but probably it was too short time. What would you advice? Thank you.


Antibiotics can be needed for a prolonged time. Sometimes the infection is a secondary problem and there is an underlying cause to the repeated infection (crystals, stones, masses etc)

So really a relapse should trigger further investigations for the precise problem going on. Ideally, urine infection should be diagnosed following urine culture.

Being an older cat I would suspicious of another issue. It is very simple for an ultrasound scan to be done on the bladder/abdomen. Also routine bloods will eliminate the uncertainty of kidney disease as well as look for other problems.

So I would definitely return to your vet,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks. She has now stopped going to toilet and went to sleep. She looked like she was nervous, maybe also because I have just today morning put another cat litter box to our apartment. I thought it would be good for a cat to have an extra litter box, but maybe that has caused her stress, since she went from one litterbox to another and made small drops. Before starting to drop she had peed a normal amount. I will take her to vet again.

Should this antibiotics work for 7 days? She looked really like she was normal again during taking them, yu67nmmmmmmmm and looked well and happy.


Extra litter trays are sleAys good and shouldn't upset her too much. 7 days would be an initial beginnings of treatment with a review being taken before they finished, but often 2 weeks are required.

Good luck

Dr Dan Makin
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. I just wanted to ask if you are able to prescribe extra antibiotix? I am arranging going to vet but it takes some time and maybe she needs to continue straight away.

Your vet may give you some if you phone. I cannot prescribe without physically examining the animal.

Take care