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DR.J, Veterinarian
Category: Vet
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Experience:  Hello , i'm James DVM MRCVS and I would love to help.
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My 8 year old female cat has a 2mm protrusion from her mouth.

Customer Question

My 8 year old female cat has a 2mm protrusion from her mouth. At first it just looked like she was poking her tongue out but on closer inspection it is coming from her gum. It is the same colour as her tongue and gums and is like a skin tag. She is not in pain, is quite happy for me to touch it, she is eating as per normal and it does not appear to be bothering her at all. A friend of mine said her cat had a similar flap type thing and was told by the vets that it was a vascular thing and that it would go down within a few weeks which it did. I would be most grateful for your advice.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Vet
Expert:  YourPetVet replied 3 years ago.

YourPetVet :

Hello, Thanks for your question. Yes the skin tag in the mouth may go away and it may not. I use certain criteria with growths as to when to worry about them.

YourPetVet :

1. If the growth grows bigger in a short period of time like 2-4 weeks

YourPetVet :

2. Changes color

YourPetVet :

3 Breaks open

YourPetVet :

Gingival hyperplasia as it is called is usually very benign and never causes an issue

JACUSTOMER-ftwtjfok- :

I was hoping for more specific advice as I already gathered the above information myself, that's just common sense.

YourPetVet :

Sorry, not sure what you are looking for. I will opt out to allow you to ask this question to another expert

Expert:  DR.J replied 3 years ago.
Hi , I'm James DVM MRCVS and would like to help you with your question

In continuation to your question would you please first provide me with the following information :
1. how long has it been going on ?
2. does it tend to bleed ever or is it very firm and solid ?
3. can you find any other similar growths in the mouth and if so do they all look the same ?
4. how is Taya otherwise